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Child being bullied

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Children 1st

Helpline for parents in Scotland

Provides advice and support on any parenting problem to anyone in a parenting role.


Family Lives

Helpline for parents in England & Wales

Provides advice and support on any parenting problem to anyone in a parenting role.

England, Wales


Help with bullying for children and parents

Provides children, families, carers and professionals in England and Wales with advice, training and practical tools to prevent bullying. Includes a helpline for parents.

England, Wales


Anti-bullying helpline and tips

Talk to someone to get stuff off your chest and gain helpful tips with how to build self-esteem and other practical tips.


Anti-Bullying Alliance

Information and advice against bullying

Find information and advice whether you are a parent/carer, young person, or work with young people; if you’re worried about bullying or want to find out more.


National Bullying Helpline

Charity helpline for adult and child bullying advice

Provides information and assistance to individuals struggling with bullying issues whatever the nature of the abuse.


Ditch the Label

Support community for 12-25year olds

Online community talking about bullying and other things that are connected such as body image, mental health, relationships and sexuality.


The Diana Award

Anti-bullying support centre

Find advice and support for a variety of bullying issues. Text DA to 85258 for 24/7 crisis support.


Bullies Out

Support against adult and child bullying

Provides help against bullying through e-mentoring, engaging workshops, and training programmes.


Pod Academy

Understanding school bullying

Free podcasts focused on the causes of school bullying, forms of bullying, and what parents can do to help a child being bullied.