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Child benefit

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Benefits information and advice for single parents

Information on the different types of benefits you may be entitled to as a single parent.



How to claim Child Benefit

Information on how to apply for Child Benefit for each child you are responsible for; you don’t have to be their parent to claim.


Family Support NI

Northern Ireland family benefits advice

Provides detailed information and advice on family benefits, including helpline details for a range of issues you may encounter.

Northern Ireland


Disability Living Allowance for children

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a benefit for people caring for children who have difficulty walking and/or additional care needs.



Benefit for guardians of orphaned children

Information on Guardian's Allowance, which supports those who are caring for children whose parent/parents have died. Includes detail on eligibility criteria, and how to claim.


Advice NI

Northern Ireland independent advice network

An independent advice network offering free, independent advice on issues such as benefits, debt, housing, employment, disability, community care and consumer issues.