Chronic illness support

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British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Helpline for advice on genetic heart conditions

Helpline staffed by specialist cardiac nurses providing information on genetic heart conditions. Provides support in getting a referral through your GP for specialist genetic screening.

Diabetes UK

Information on hypoglycaemia

Information on hypoglycaemia, a complication of diabetes.


Chronic health forum community

Forums and online clinics with expert advice on chronic conditions and diseases.

Just A Spoonful

Chronic illness podcast for young people

A conversation podcast where everyone you hear speaking is a young person living with chronic illness and/or disability.

Invisible Not Broken

Chronic illness podcast

A podcast that explores the lives of people living with chronic illness, invisible illness and disability that comes with a bit of a good laugh.

In Sickness & In Health

A podcast about chronic illness

A Chronic Illness Podcast is an audio podcast hosted by Cara Gael O’Regan about our weird bodies and issues related to chronic illness. disability. healthcare and mortality.

Support listings

My Pickle CIC provides general information.

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