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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you cover?
There are nine broad topic areas: health, money, housing, family and relationships, work, wellbeing, crime, legal rights, and pet care.

What can I add?
You can create a listing for a service or resource that:

  • Clearly helps with life challenges
  • Is widely available across England and/or Scotland and/or Wales and/or Northern Ireland
  • Is provided by a charity, company or community or voluntary organisation

What is not allowed?
We currently only list national support services and can’t accept:

  • Campaigns or one-off events
  • Products, including books
  • Local services

What happens next?
After you create your listing with the short form, we will check it then publish it to be found. You are responsible for keeping it up-to-date and informing us of any changes by emailing

How much does this cost?
You can get started for free today. If we consider adding premium features in the future we will contact you regarding these.

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