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Children with Deafness

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School of Sign Language

Children’s sign language resources

Provides free learning resources and an interactive online learning program with tuition available.


The Buzz

The website for deaf young people

Finding out about what’s going on for deaf young people across the UK.

England, Scotland, Wales

National Deaf Children's Society

Helpline and support for deaf children and families

Offers support to deaf children no matter what their level or type of deafness or how they communicate.


Cued Speech

Spoken language visible for deaf babies, children

Gives deaf children complete access to English through cued speech.


The Elizabeth Foundation

Helping deaf children learn to listen and talk

An online service with information advice and support for anyone caring for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with hearing loss from birth to 5years.



Translate children’s books to sign language

StorySign is a free app that reads selected children’s books and translates them into sign language to help deaf children learn how to read.