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Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse

Advocacy services after fatal domestic abuse

Supports those who have been affected by fatal domestic abuse with advocacy during criminal justice proceedings. They also provide emotional, practical and specialist peer support.

England, Wales

Domestic and Sexual Abuse Helpline

Domestic or sexual abuse support in Northern Ireland

Confidential, 24/7 support and information for anyone experiencing domestic or sexual violence and abuse.

Northern Ireland

Men's Advisory Project

Support for abused men in Northern Ireland

An organisation that helps men across Northern Ireland who have struggled/are struggling with abusive relationships. They offer advice on their website, a helpline and counselling.

Northern Ireland


Housing support for lgbtq+ young people

Offers information, advice and support online nationally for lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile or abusive environment.



Support for BME people in Wales experiencing abuse

Outreach support, resettlement, refuge and safe house services for black, Asian, minority ethnic and migrant victims of female genital mutilation, domestic abuse, sexual violence and human trafficking


Facebook Group

Domestic and narcissist abuse Facebook group

A group to share stories and experiences, support each other and speak to others who really understand through their own experiences.


Women's Aid

Emergency shelter for abused women

Find refuge through the Women’s Aid directory.



Online resource hub for women facing abuse

Provides women experiencing abuse with open and free multi-lingual resources on online safety, mental wellbeing, law and finance.


Live Fear Free

Support for sexual or domestic violence in Wales

For those affected by domestic abuse/sexual violence and colleagues/practitioners seeking professional advice. 24/7 support. Call the helpline text 07860077333 or chat online.


Nexus NI

24hour domestic abuse helpline in Northern Ireland

Helps those affected by sexual abuse across Northern Ireland through one-to-one counselling support and a 24hour helpline.

Northern Ireland

MWNUK Helpline

Help for Muslim women facing abuse and other issues

Helping Muslim women and girls experiencing inequality, abuse, injustice, discrimination, sexual exploitation and more. Helpline available weekdays 10am – 4pm. Textline also available.


LGBT Foundation

Support for LGBT domestic abuse sufferers

Offers one to one support in areas such as safety planning, power and control, healthy relationships boundaries, consent, housing, health and wellbeing and assertive communication.



Elder abuse helpline

Offers a free confidential helpline for information, advice and support to victims and others who are concerned about or have witnessed abuse, neglect or financial exploitation.


Abused Men in Scotland - AMIS

Support for men experiencing domestic abuse in Scotland

Helpline open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm. Support for men and those who do not identify as women affected by domestic abuse. Visit the website to learn more about domestic abuse.



National LGBT+ domestic abuse helpline

Emotional and practical support for LGBT people experiencing domestic abuse. Abuse isn’t always physical – it can be psychological, emotional, financial and sexual too.



Abusive relationship advice app

Bright Sky is an app providing support information and signposting for anyone who may be in an abusive relationship, or those concerned about someone they know.


Karma Nirvana

Honour-based abuse and forced marriage support

Supports victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Whether you are at risk or are concerned for someone that is, they offer to listen and help.



Support for middle eastern women facing abuse

Supports Middle Eastern women and girls living in the UK facing ‘honour’ based violence, domestic abuse, forced marriage or female genital mutilation.


Scottish Women's Aid

Domestic abuse support in Scotland

Scottish Women’s Aid offers a 24/7 domestic abuse and forced marriage helpline and lots of online information and advice.



Domestic abuse helpline men

Confidential helpline for men experiencing domestic violence from a partner or ex-partner (or from other family members).


Finding Legal Options for Women Survivors (FLOWS)

Legal support to protect women against domestic abuse in England

FLOWS provides advice about the legal options available to women who are victims of domestic abuse.


Southall Black Sisters

Black and minority ethnic domestic abuse support

Helps women and children escape violence and abuse, and offers practical help and advice.


The Mankind Initiative

Domestic abuse support for men

Confidential helpline available for all men across the UK suffering from domestic violence or domestic abuse by their current or former wife or partner (including same-sex).



Domestic abuse support for women and kids

Refuge supports women and children who experience violence and abuse. Although it may feel impossible now they can support you to rebuild your life free from violence and fear.



Obtain free emergency injunction

Free support to obtain an emergency injunction within 24 hours from when you first contact. Service available to everyone.


Bright Sky by Hestia

An app to aid people facing domestic violence

Bright Sky is an app provided by Hestia that aims to give information and tools for people who are, or know someone in an abusive relationship or facing domestic violence.



Support for South Asian women

Helps you find support for issues such as cultural conflict, family breakdown, disownment, forced marriage and or intercourse domestic and or honour-based violence.



Latin American women’s aid – advice and support

Supports Latin American and other minority ethnic women that have experienced gender-based violence, domestic abuse, forced prostitution or trafficking.


National Domestic Abuse Helpline

Helpline and support for domestic abuse victims

24 hour helpline that provides support and advise to women suffering from domestic violence and referring them to emergency accommodation.


Women's Aid

Support for domestic abuse

Working to end domestic abuse against women and children.


The Hide Out

Domestic violence resource for young people

Space to help children and young people to understand domestic abuse.