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Hearing loss

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BSL fluent psychological therapy service

Deaf people are twice as likely to experience mental health problems. Offers a psychological therapy service delivered in British Sign Language.


Hearing Dogs

Hearing dogs

A hearing dog can alert you to sounds, accompany you to public places and become a constant companion.



Live transcribe – instant captions on the go

See instant captions anywhere. Whether you’re ordering a coffee or meeting someone new Live Transcribe helps you communicate in the moment.



Sign language counselling and psychotherapy

A team of deaf mental health counsellors and psychotherapists from different backgrounds. Their aim is to help people receive counselling in the preferred communication style of choice.


My Hearing

Hearing test and hearing aids dispenser

Providing you with treatment and advice with a simple hearing test before putting you in touch with a local hearing aid dispenser who will decide on the right course of action.


UK Veterans Hearing Help

Free hearing care services for UK veterans

Supporting veterans and improving their quality of life, by providing those who suffered a level of hearing loss whilst serving the best treatment and care they could wish for.



Convert speech to text over the phone

Next Generation Text (NGT) helps deaf speech-impaired and hearing people talk to each other over the phone using text relay. Can be used on mobile, textphone and other devices.


Hearing Link

Hearing link helpdesk

Our team have personal experience of hearing loss and help you adjust to the practical and emotional challenges that hearing loss can bring by providing guidance and support.



Find a local lip reading class

Search for ‘Lipreading and Managing Hearing Loss’ classes near you. Meet others improve your lipreading skills, boost your confidence and take charge of your hearing loss.


Action On Hearing Loss

Hearing loss care and support services

Supports those who are deaf, deafblind or have hearing loss, through services including residential care and supported living, help at work, reablement and respite services.


Musicians' Hearing Services

Entertainment industry hearing advice and protection

Providers of the Musicians’ Hearing Health Scheme they provide custom-made hearing protection, IEM impressions, microsuction, tinnitus therapy and hearing testing.



NHS – hearing loss information

Hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. It often comes on gradually as you get older but it can sometimes happen suddenly. Find more information here.


Facebook group

Facebook group – UK hearing loss community

This group is for people who are accepting of all hearing loss journeys. This group encourages open mindedness, peer support and a new kind of community.


Hidden Hearing

Private support for hearing loss

Provides bespoke hearing solutions for a variety of hearing challenges.

England, Scotland, Wales

The Elizabeth Foundation

Helping deaf children learn to listen and talk

An online service with information advice and support for anyone caring for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers with hearing loss from birth to 5years.



Translate children’s books to sign language

StorySign is a free app that reads selected children’s books and translates them into sign language to help deaf children learn how to read.