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Other eye issues

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British & Irish Orthoptic Society

Advice on what to expect at the Orthoptist

Information on Orthoptists and leaflets explaining the visit to children, teenagers and parents who are impacted by eye movement conditions such as lazy eye, squint, etc.


Glaucoma UK

Glaucoma information and support

Information, helpline and support for people with glaucoma and related conditions.


Olivia's Vision

Uveitis information and advice

Providing support for uveitis sufferers family and friends. With a helpline and forum for those effected by Uveitis and complications can speak to others and gain advice or tell their story.


Nystagmus Network

Nystagmus information and support

The Nystagmus Network is a membership organisation which provides advice, support and information about nystagmus. Helpline open normal office hours Monday-Friday.

England, Wales

Retina UK

Support for people with inherited sight loss conditions

Provides information and support for those affected by inherited eye conditions. Advice is available via helpline (premium rate) or email and there are local / online groups.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland

Macular Society

Support for macular degeneration

Provides advice and support for those with Macular disease.


Vision Matters

Eye health information and resources

Online resources and guidance for maintaining good eye health and understanding eye conditions.