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Brain & Spine Foundation

Charity support for brain and spine conditions

The Brain & Spine Foundation is a UK-wide charity providing information and support for every one of the over 470 neurological disorders which affect 1 in 6 people in the UK.


Brain & Spine Foundation

Subarachnoid Haemorrhage Facebook Group

Private group for anyone affected by an SAH to safely share information and support one another.


Stroke Association

Helps to rebuild lives after stroke

Supports people to rebuild their lives after stroke by holding groups run and supported by people affected by stroke; and providing essential long-term peer support.


Different Strokes

Stroke support for young people

Helps younger stroke survivors reclaim their lives through peer support and independent recovery support.

England, Scotland


Charity providing rehabilitation after stroke

A charity for stroke survivors and families, providing rehabilitation and exercise support.


The Neuro Nerds

Podcast by stroke survivor Joe Borges

Explicit language adults only! Recovering from a stroke or brain injury can feel very lonely but the NeuroNerds are help through their love of all things nerd.