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ESOL Courses

Free English lessons online

Practice your English with free interactive listening lessons, reading exercises, quizzes, and games.

Luke's English Podcast

Learn English podcast

A podcast for learners of English including natural vocabulary and expressions, useful information about grammar, pronunciation exercises, funny and interesting information about UK life.


UK lesbian and gay immigration group

Supports LGBTQI+ people through the asylum and immigration system. Helpline open Monday to Friday.

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK

Guide for supporting migrants during coronavirus

A short guide to help consider how best to support at risk migrants that are particularly at risk during Coronavirus due to lack of, or restricted, access to housing, health and other services.


Healthcare for overseas visitors in Scotland

Overseas visitors include immigrants (regardless of your legal status), overseas students and workers, tourists and holidaymakers and refugees and asylum seekers (regardless of your legal status).


Healthcare for asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland

If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee living in Scotland you have the right to NHS healthcare while you are here.

Detention Action

Advice line for those in immigration detention in se England

Provides emotional and practical support for people held in Colnbrook Harmondsworth and Morton Hall detention centres. as well as people who are held under immigration powers in London prisons.

Home Girls Unite Podcast

Podcast for eldest immigrant daughters in the UK

Podcast discussing topics unique to the struggles of eldest immigrant daughters in the UK.

Refugee Action

Help for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants

Provides practical support and information for people who are resettling in the UK.

British Red Cross

Helping all in crisis whoever and wherever they are

If you are a refugee, asylum seeker, or vulnerable migrant the British Red Cross may be able to help you.

Refugee Survival Trust

Financial and social support for refugees and asylum seekers

Provide Access to Employment and Education grants via referral, and runs social integration projects in Glasgow.

Immigration Advice Service

UK immigration lawyers

Offers advice for any immigration issue. Website provides information and guidance on a range of immigration statuses.

Refugee Council

Helps refugees live better lives in the UK

Provides crisis advice and practical support, helps refugees integrate into their new communities, and offers mental health counselling.

Right To Remain

Immigration and asylum seeking resources

Provides information and resources to help immigrants and asylum seekers establish their right to remain including the Right To Remain Toolkit.

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