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Missing People

Confidential support for anyone affected by gang involvement

Provides a confidential, specialist helpline for young people, parents and carers affected by gang exploitation, selling drugs and county lines. Online support groups also available.


Send money to someone in prison

Information on how to send money to someone in jail using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro debit card.


Information for people with criminal records

Information on a wide range of issues that criminal records can affect. Includes helpline for confidential advice to overcome the effects of a conviction.

Circles UK

Support networks for sexual offenders

Circles Providers offer a supportive social network, accountability and practical guidance to people who have committed sexual offences, reducing alienation and the risk of re-offending.


Advice and support for offenders in Northern Ireland

A charity that provides a range of advice and support eg housing and benefits advice, across Northern Ireland to people in prison, their families, people who have been released from prison and adults…

Apex Scotland

Intervention and offender support in Scotland

Scottish charity that coordinates local programmes across Scotland to help adults and young people suffering deprivation, at risk of offending, or ex-offenders.


Community justice support in Scotland

Provides a range of local services including mediation of neighbour disputes, outdoor activities for veterans, anti-sectarianism training and support for ex-offenders.

The Defendant

Support for those accused of crime

A charity that provides practical and emotional support to defendants struggling to navigate the criminal justice system, via a website and a helpline.

Prisoners Abroad

Support for overseas prisoners and their families

If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged or imprisoned overseas, Prisoners Abroad can provide a range of free support services, advice and advocacy.


Private therapy for sexual offenders and family

Private therapy service for offenders, those fearful of offending and for their partners. Online support for families of offenders is also available.


Support for people with convictions

Support for people with convictions facing stigma and obstacles because of their criminal record.

Working Chance

Helping women with criminal convictions into employment

The UK’s only recruitment consultancy for women leaving the criminal justice and care systems.

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