You made it through

If you made it through, someone else will too. You never know who needs to hear your words to give them hope or help them heal. Share your story.

Share your story

Sharing your story can be hard but it might be the most important thing youโ€™ll ever do.

You do it not to be a victim to the story, but to free yourself from the past and empower yourself and anyone reading to choose what comes next.

Have you overcome adversity?

This is your story to tell. It could be about dealing with a diagnosis, caring for someone, handling a difficult situation at work or some other challenging situation.

We welcome stories from anyone and all walks of life.

What will we do with your story?

We share your story here on this site and on social media. Our Creative Commons license means visitors can share your story with others.
If you like, you can stay anonymous or share your name and photo, whichever you prefer.

Story Guidelines

Please do not upload content that may be harmful, offensive, threatening, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, illegal, harassing, false, misleading or unreliable, or is likely to bring the site into disrepute. Do not post content that could impact another person’s or organisation’s privacy or other rights.

When you write, try to avoid anyone elseโ€™s personal information or any content that could violate copyright. Only ever share what you are comfortable with being shared online.

Your story will be published on the site and may feature on social media or promotional materials. Content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This means anyone can share your story and image for non-commercial reasons. By uploading content you accept it may be shared in these ways. You can find more information in our Privacy policy here.

My Pickle operates a pre-moderation policy. This means we review stories and may edit them in line with these Guidelines, for clarity, and/or correct spelling and punctuation. We reserve the right to not publish, delete or edit any submission at any time.

Example: Harmful content
Not permitted: โ€œI tried to harm myself/others by [excessively detailed description]โ€
Instead: โ€œI tried to harm myself/othersโ€

Example: Privacy / disrepute
Not permitted: โ€œI was harassed when I worked at [company name] by my manager [their name]โ€
Instead: โ€œI was harassed at work by my managerโ€

Uploading a Photo
Landscape photos fit best. Please do not upload a photo which includes other people without first obtaining their permission. If you don’t upload a photo, we’ll use an image that reflects your story.

If you provide your email address we can send you an email to confirm if/when your story is published.
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