Relish life

Life can be great.. but sometimes brutal. So we want to help decrease suffering and improve wellbeing.
We do this by signposting support and sharing real-life stories.

Our Values


Many have suffered similar life struggles. We can overcome them together


This drives us


We respect the need for specialist support, especially for marginalised communities

A social initiative without distraction

Established as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee provides independence and agility. There are no shareholders. No hidden motives.

Our Story

Have you ever tried to find help online? I have, and although I’d rank my search engine skills high, it’s always been a really draining and overwhelming experience.

So, when a friend asked me for help and I quickly pointed her in the right direction because I’d faced something similar, I had my eureka moment.

My Pickle aims to help anyone facing crisis to quickly and easily find support by pooling this knowledge.

The site went live in 2019 and now needs your support to continue. Please support our crowdfunder. Thank you

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Support listings

Covering health, housing, work, money, family,  crime and other issues

Volunteer Researchers

Our amazing, diverse team all across the UK go beyond page 1 of Google

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More people are coming here to save time and stress in finding help

Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you cover?
There are nine broad topic areas: health, money, housing, family and relationships, work, wellbeing, crime, legal rights, and pet care.

Who is this for?
Anyone looking for support for themselves, a loved one or a client. Listed services help different groups including parents, students, elderly, teens, LGBT+ and BAME communities.

Can I add services / resources I help manage?
Yes, just fill out our short form here

How can I get involved?
You can volunteer, share your experiences or donate to keep us going here

Press, media and funding opportunities
We would love to hear from you.
Please contact Cat at