Children and separation

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Family Mediation NI

Family mediation provider in Northern Ireland

Resolve family issues, such as your children’s care and splitting property and finance, through open discussion with an accredited mediator.

Families Need Fathers

Relationship breakdown support for families

Supporting parents who are going through a breakup to stay involved in the lives of their children through a national helpline and online and local meetings.

Citizens Advice

What to do if child arrangements aren’t working

Advice on what to do if your child arrangements aren’t working after divorce or separation. Includes guidance on speaking with your ex-partner, mediation, and going to court.

Citizens Advice

How to make child arrangements after separation or divorce

Guidance on making child arrangements after a relationship ends. Includes advice on keeping in touch and getting help with your child arrangements.


Supporting your child during divorce or separation

Advice and information on where you can get help for your child during or after divorce or separation.

Only Mums

Supporting families through separation

Supporting parents who are looking to make the best decision for their family during separation and divorce by encouraging parents to explore options for resolutions outside court.

Voices In The Middle

For young people when parents split up

Where young people aged 13 to 19 years old whose parents are splitting up can share their voice, read helpful and age-appropriate content, plus connect with support designed just for them.


National association of child contact centres

Keeping children in touch with parents following separation by promoting safe child contact within a national framework of Child Contact Centres.


Child and family court advisory and support service

Looking after the interests of children involved in family court proceedings by working with children and their families.

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