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NI Direct

Advice on children with special educational needs in Northern Ireland

Details what special educational needs (SEN) are, what classroom behaviours are indicative of SEN and how to obtain additional help from schools for your child.

NI Direct

Information on specialists to support SEND children in Northern Ireland

Details the different types of specialists that can support children with special educational needs, how they do that and what accreditation they will have.

Driver Youth Trust

SEND resources for parents and teachers

Resources for teachers and parents to support learners with literacy difficulties and special education needs and disabilities.

Khan Academy

Learning resource for teenagers

A not-for-profit website that offers free video tutorials on topics from maths to cosmology.

Not Going To Uni

University alternatives for school leavers

A free website that shows a range of alternatives to the standard university route to school and college leavers including apprenticeships.

Youth Employment UK

Careers advice for 14-24 year olds

Not-for-profit social enterprise founded to help tackle youth unemployment, by providing young people with skills and careers support.

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