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David WalliamsVisit site

Comedian David Walliams narrates a story each day for free at 11am. You can also listen to recordings.

Thanks Jerry! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Stress Management SocietyVisit site

Helps individuals and companies recognise and reduce stress.

Thanks Selene! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Create music to capture your mood and express how you feel. Instead of words, create music to reflect emotions like joy, sadness, calm and anger

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Maternal Mental Health Alliance (MMHA)Visit site

Their mission is for women to get quality care and support for their mental health during pregnancy and the year after. Find self-help guides online.

Thanks Becca J! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

CrowdsourcedVisit site

This is a crowdsourced collection of resources for HR and business leaders to help inform and support Coronavirus response plans. Here you’ll find a curated collection of public Coronavirus response communications, templates, news, remote work, hiring impact, and resources.

Thanks Wendi! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

DuolingoVisit site

Free language education available on Android, iOS, and the web.

Thanks Penny! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Free coworking space for anyone working from home and wanting to feel connected and part of a community.

Thanks Lorna! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

Go NoodleVisit site

Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are!

Thanks Aragog! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

The National Benevolent SocietyVisit site

The Emergency Fund is an emergency payment for people with dependants on a zero hours contract and who have lost their jobs or have had their income substantially reduced as a direct result of Coronavirus and are suffering hardship.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Peters Township Public LibraryVisit site

During this activity, you will watch clips from Harry Potter movies, answer questions from the clips and other puzzles.

Thanks Jane! | Reviewed 23.03.2020

We offer accredited confidential, anonymous and free mental health support, information and signposting to men anywhere in the UK through our webchat and helpline services.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Grief EncounterVisit site

Supporting bereaved children and their families following the death of someone close. Services are free and open Mon-Fri 9am-9pm.

Thanks Lara! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Youth AccessVisit site

Visit our site to find free, local and confidential counselling, advice or information services. These services are typically available to a wide range of ages e.g. 13-25.

Reviewed 22.03.2020

Willows MusicalVisit site

Stream for free. Activity pack also available.

Thanks Jan! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Are you a parent or carer who is concerned about the mental health of your child or teenager? Find expert information and advice.

Thanks Nathan! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Marsha PlansVisit site

Creating a Vision board can help you visualise your goals, aid decision making and help keep focused. This blog provides more detail how you can create your own.

Thanks Seonaid! | Reviewed 24.04.2020

One Parent Families ScotlandVisit site

Provides single parent tailored information, support and advice, while encouraging and enabling parents across Scotland to make the most of the opportunities available to them. Helpline open Mon-Fri 9:30am-4pm.

Thanks SN! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Mental Health And Money AdviceVisit site

A UK-wide online advice service designed to help you understand, manage and improve your financial and mental health

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Oxford OwlVisit site

Discover expert advice, educational resources and free eBooks to support children's learning at primary school and at home, from Oxford University Press. Free e-book library for 3-11year olds

Thanks Liz! | Reviewed 26.03.2020

We've teamed up with a psychotherapist to assess your mood and match you to a Tate artwork. Take this quiz to reflect on your present well-being and find out which artwork in our collection suits your mood.

Thanks Amy! | Reviewed 12.04.2020

Entitled ToVisit site

If your income has changed or you need to self-isolate due to coronavirus – whether you have the illness yourself or you need to care for someone else as a result – the benefits that may be available to you depend on your situation.

Thanks Sophie! | Reviewed 04.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

Get advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings.

Thanks Lana! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Donors via Bryony KimmingsVisit site

Bryony Kimmings is raising funds to support artists who may have had work cancelled, and they're currently matching donors to artists.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 29.03.2020

Coronavirus has plunged the world into uncertainty and the constant news about the pandemic can feel relentless. Read some tips on how to protect your mental health.

Thanks Gloria! | Reviewed 25.03.2020

Our TimeVisit site

Providing information, resources and support for children and young people affected by family mental illness.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Scottish EnterpriseVisit site

Call handlers will answer questions from businesses related to Covid-19 as well as relaying the challenges faced by businesses to the Scottish government. Open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5:30pm

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Music Minds MatterVisit site

If you work in music and are struggling to cope emotionally or with mental health, or know someone who is, talk to us. It doesn't have to be a crisis, or about music. Open 24/7

Reviewed 22.03.2020

We offer a confidential mental health support helpline and signposting for people who identify as Trans, Agender, Gender Fluid or Non-Binary. Family and friends can also call. Open Mondays and Fridays 8pm to midnight.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

The Care Workers CharityVisit site

The Covid-19 Emergency Fund is open to those who are currently employed in the care sector (as stated above) who must take time off work due to Covid-19 for either illness or self-isolation. Another grant fund is also available.

Thanks Pete! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Khan AcademyVisit site

A not-for-profit website that offers free video tutorials on topics from maths to cosmology.

Thanks Tannie! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

The MixVisit site

We are The Mix's online community - a bunch of 13-25s from the UK who talk anonymously about what's on our minds and help each other out.

Thanks Clare! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Scottish GovernmentVisit site

Find details of various loans and grants available for businesses.

Thanks Tim! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

My PickleVisit site

Whether informally with your own networks or as an Ambassador, we would love your help to raise awareness. Share posts or create your own. If you would like to join our Ambassador facebook group to share tips etc. please follow this link to contact us.
Thank you!

Reviewed 21.03.2020

If you have an eating disorder, or are supporting someone who does, we've listend to the issues you’ve raised and, with the help of eating disorder clinicians, put together guidance to try to respond to the most common ones.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

NHS.ScotVisit site

Shielding is for people, including children, who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s also for their family, friends and carers.

Thanks Katy! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

MindOutVisit site

Our online instant message service provides confidential, non-judgemental and anonymous support. We can listen to how you are feeling and help you, if this is what you want.

Thanks Sam! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Anne Frank TrustVisit site

By using our resources you will learn more about the impact of prejudice and discrimination and, we hope, join us in creating a society that is free from both. Includes activity book for up to age 13.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 27.03.2020

Local authoritiesVisit site

Local authorities will decide what learning and childcare arrangements for the children of key workers are most appropriate for local circumstances. Please contact your Local authority.

Reviewed 02.04.2020

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UKVisit site

Many migrants, refugees, and people with insecure immigration status in the UK will be particularly at risk during Coronavirus, due to lack of or restricted access to council services, healthcare, and housing. JCWI, Migrants Organise, and Medact have put together a short guide for Mutual Aid groups to consider how best to support at risk migrants.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Living Life to the FullVisit site

Offers online life skills courses based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help deal with anxiety and general wellbeing. Free courses for NHS, health and social care workers.

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Sofa SingersVisit site

The Sofa Singers is a free & weekly online singing event that aims to bring people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection.

Reviewed 21.03.2020

CoronavirusTechHandbook.comVisit site

Gathering tech experts globally to brainstorm, collaborate and offer expertise across a broad range of initiatives going on.

Thanks Eddie! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Doc ReadyVisit site

A digital tool that helps young people to prepare and make the most out of mental health related GP visits. Know what to expect, plan what to say and record the outcomes.

Thanks Evie! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Various supermarketsVisit site

Many supermarkets are urgently requiring more staff. Read more and apply via this news article.

Reviewed 22.03.2020

UK PMDD SupportVisit site

A private Facebook support group to give and receive advice, share experiences and meet other sufferers of PMDD in the UK.

Thanks Rachel S! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

As Scotland's animal welfare experts, we can answer all things animal-related when it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks Liz! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Collins 4 ParentsVisit site

Free resources to help support your child's learning at home, while schools are closed. For ages 3-5, primary and secondary level.

Thanks Dig Deep Education! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Bobby Temps & The Mental TeamVisit site

A safe space to hear honest and insightful mental health interviews in the hope listeners will feel more empowered to continue the conversation with others

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Transport Benevolent FundVisit site

TBF’s priority is to help members experiencing financial hardship for a period of two-weeks or more as a result of reduced pay/wages or reduced hours due to no work as well as helping with requests that meet the normal criteria for sickness.

Thanks Charlie! | Reviewed 29.03.2020

Forsome employees and employers without HR departments, furloughing can seem complex. This in itself may stop some employers agreeing to implement this important financial lifeline. This quick info sheet is intended to make it simple, allowing employees and employers to help each other through it.

Thanks Jamie! | Reviewed 08.04.2020

Better Than ZeroVisit site

Been sacked? Had your contract changed? Don’t sit back. Act now! All workers who've been sacked should get in touch with ex-colleagues and work to demand reinstatement. Get in touch with us if you need support in making your demands via Facebook or at

Thanks Andy! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Arts Council of Northern IrelandVisit site

A funding programme to support artists and performers during the COVID-19 crisis. The Artists Emergency Programme offers freelance artists, creative practitioners and performers the opportunity to apply for grants of up to £5,000 each.

Reviewed 28.04.2020

Explains what suicidal feelings are, including possible causes and how you can learn to cope. Our helpline is open 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday or you can text 86463

Reviewed 01.04.2020

General AssemblyVisit site

Master new skills in design, marketing, technology, and data — online or at our campuses around the world. Mix of free and paid courses.

Reviewed 04.04.2020

Dance FundVisit site

Whether you need a grant due to illness or injury, with support for everyday living costs or with crisis funding for the unexpected, we can help. We also support dance professionals through a range of specialist bursary schemes.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

An easy to use and accessible website to help find the right tools and resources to help you feel better.

Thanks Indi! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

British Lung FoundationVisit site

Here you’ll find British Lung Foundation information about coronavirus and useful links for the latest updates.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

This scheme supports self-employed individuals (including members of partnerships) who have lost income due to coronavirus. IT allows you to claim a taxable grant worth 80% of your trading profits up to a maximum of £2,500 per month for the next 3 months. This may be extended if needed.

Reviewed 28.03.2020

You might be worried about coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) and how it could affect your life. This may include being asked to stay at home or avoid other people. This might feel difficult or stressful. But there are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing.

Thanks Arez! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

InnerhourVisit site

App which has condensed the therapy experience down into a digital self-help platform to offer guidance with many aspects of mental health

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Actors Benevolent FundVisit site

The ABF is considering applications from professional actors, actresses and stage managers who have contracted Covid-19, or are self-isolating because they are unwell, once the applicant has applied for Universal Credit or Employment Support Allowance.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Benevolent FundsVisit site

Benevolent funds - grants - can offer financial help without repayment. You may be eligible if you or a family member, has ever worked in one of the industries covered. Follow this link to find more.

Thanks Katy! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Cinnamon TrustVisit site

Support for pet owners needing to go into hospital, or who need assistance with walks, e.g. because of health issues. Also maintain a register of care homes that will accept pets.

Thanks Darren! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

On qwell you can chat online to qualified counsellors, set personal goals and record how you feel and get support from the quell community

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Shakespeare's GlobeVisit site

Join us for six of our plays, shown for free via our YouTube channel, one at a time, on rotation every two weeks.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 22.04.2020

Short video explaining how to wash your hands correctly to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Independent Food Aid Network UK Food Bank MapVisit site

Independent Food Aid Network has nationally mapped the locations of food banks across the UK. A useful resource to find your nearest food bank outside the Trussel Trust network.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Sue Ryder Online CommunityVisit site

You are not alone. If someone you love is dying or has died, this Online Community is a place to share experiences, get things off your chest, ask questions and chat to people who understand.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Teaching Staff TrustVisit site

We offer emergency financial support to nursery workers, teaching assistants and learning support staff, teachers, lunchtime supervisors, caretakers and school administrators.

Thanks Bobbi! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

SamaritansVisit site

Whatever you're going through, call us free any time. You don't have to be suicidal to call us. We offer a safe place for you to talk in your own way, about whatever's getting to you.

Thanks Sarah! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

V&A MuseumVisit site

Our online games and interactives bring our building and collections to life. Create your own hair-raising 18th-century wig designs, become a master craftsman or explore our new Exhibition Road entrance built entirely in Minecraft blocks.

Thanks Frances! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Redundancy is a form of dismissal from your job. If you’re being made redundant, it is important to know your rights and to prepare for life after redundancy.

Thanks Lara! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Money Saving ExpertVisit site

Holiday refunds, travel insurance cover and more

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 23.03.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

A group primarily for people to get help with any issues they are having with Universal Credit, to offer help and support to other members and share their experiences (both good and bad) openly.

Thanks Sue! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Offers information on a range of health related topics to help and encourage people to lead healthier lives

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Brothers in ArmsVisit site

Provides advice and support to men of any age who are down or in crisis; dedicated to preventing male suicide.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Mo WillemsVisit site

Bestselling author and illustrator is teaching drawing every weekday on YouTube to kids who are now at home.

Thanks Dig Deep Education! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

NHS InformVisit site

If you don't have symptoms and are looking for general information, a free helpline has been set up. The helpline is open everyday, 8.00am to 10.00pm.

Thanks Naomi! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

At A LossVisit site

Find resources and local services if suffering from the loss of a loved one.

Thanks Matthew! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Get in on the animal action from afar!

Thanks Kimmie! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Learn weaving, sewing, ceramics, botany, woodwork, sourdough baking and more. Discover and purchase online courses, live workshops and kits from our artists and makers.

Thanks Sophie! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

This money is available to existing PRS members globally and will be offered in grants of up to £1000 each, depending on need.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

The Cameron FundVisit site

The Cameron Fund is the only medical benevolent fund that solely supports general practitioners and their dependents. It provides support to GPs and their families in times of financial need, whether through ill-health, disability, death or loss of employment.

Reviewed 28.03.2020

Combat StressVisit site

If you're serving or have served in the UK Armed Forces, call us for free confidential advice and support if you're having a tough time, trouble sleeping, flashbacks, or feeling down.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Film + TV CharityVisit site

Offers financial and 24/7 emotional support and emergency finanial aid to anyone in the TV and cinema industry.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

National Autistic SocietyVisit site

Some useful resources and tips.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

James Dyson FoundationVisit site

44 engineering and science challenges from the engineers at Dyson, designed for children aged 7+.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Licensed Trade CharityVisit site

We know that the introduction of increased social distancing and self-isolation measures and the closure of pubs, bars and restaurants will hit our licensed trade sector hard. We can support you in many ways including our 24/7 helpline.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Board Game ArenaVisit site

Play for free with your friends and thousands of players from the whole world. Over 1million opponents to challenge on 175 games.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Jami provides practical and emotional support for the mental health needs of the Jewish community.

Reviewed 06.04.2020

The counselling service is open 24/7 and staffed by professional counsellors, all bound by strict codes of confidentiality. You can talk to them over the phone or by video. Also accessible via live chat and email.

Thanks Antony! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

Bi-polar UKVisit site

BiPolar UK is a user led charity working to enable people affected by Bipolar disorder / manic depression to take control of their lives.

Thanks Andrew T! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

This is a support group for disabled people who are having to partially protectively isolate ourselves due to being at extra risk from the coronavirus.

Thanks Kelly! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Provides short audio guides on a variety of mental wellbeing related issues to offer practical advice and help boost mood

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 08.04.2020

Royal College of PsychiatristsVisit site

The College is working with NHS England and Improvement (NHSE/I) to update guidance for psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals working in mental health settings. A confidential helpline and email support is available and delivered by trained Doctor Advisor College members.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Invest Northern IrelandVisit site

Telephone: 0800 181 4422 Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5pm

Reviewed 02.04.2020

The Theatrical GuildVisit site

We’re the UK charity for backstage and front of house workers. Talk to us about practical help at any stage of your career – from welfare and debt advice to financial support and counselling.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

ArtsMindsVisit site

Your mental health is really important. The ArtsMinds information hub contains lot of resources for performers and creative practitioners.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Counselling directoryVisit site

Counselling directory allows you to search for counsellors in your local area who specialise in you specific needs. Also lists online and telephone therapists

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Parent ClubVisit site

Although designed for parents in Scotland, this has lots of useful guidance and ideas to keep kids busy.

Thanks Aggie! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

The Good Grief TrustVisit site

To help all those suffering grief in the UK. They aim to find the bereaved, acknowledge their grief & provide reassurance, a virtual hand of friendship & ongoing support

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Home of the largest community of Counsellors and Psychotherapists of Black, African, Asian and Caribbean Heritage in the UK. Search our directory.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

The BenVisit site

The Ben offers a free mental health support helpline and a safety net for anyone who works in our trade and is facing extreme financial hardship as a result of the virus. We may be in a position to offer one-off financial assistance on a case by case basis.

Thanks Faith! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

The SparkVisit site

Sometimes relationships are the source of our problems and unhappiness. When you feel like this The Relationship Helpline from The Spark is here to help.

Thanks Sandra! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

LawCareVisit site

Offering free and confidential support to legal professionals of the UK and Ireland on health issues such as stress, depression and addiction. Helpline Open Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

Register if you have a medical condition that makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus. For example, you’ll be able to ask for help getting deliveries of essential supplies like food.

Thanks Frankie! | Reviewed 27.03.2020

England only - If you have a medical condition which makes you extremely vulnerable to coronavirus (COVID-19), register and tell us whether or not you need support.

Thanks Laura! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Be The BusinessVisit site

Our dedicated coronavirus page brings together the latest on government support for your business, advice across themes such as supporting your staff and communicating with customers, how leaders like you are reacting right now and the best of what the rest of the web has to offer.

Thanks BTB! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Catch ItVisit site

Learn how to manage feelings like anxiety and depression with Catch It. The free app will teach you how to look at problems in a different way, turn negative thoughts into positive ones and improve your mental wellbeing.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Hospitality ActionVisit site

Get emotional support and practical advice on legal matters, debt and benefits via our 24/7 helpline on 0808 802 0282. COVID-19 grants also available - we aim to reach as many people as the fund allows.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Pet CoachVisit site

Visit PetCoach and find free answers from vets to all your health, nutrition and behavior questions

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Free Code CampVisit site

Free tutorials to learn a variety of coding skills.

Thanks Penny! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

Covid-19 Tech SupportVisit site

Covid Tech Support is a helpdesk for tech support queries for those helping to tackle the covid crisis. We're helping communities set up their IT systems, Covid projects access technical volunteering talent and charities address their digital needs

Thanks Marc! | Reviewed 10.04.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

A group dedicated to the Performing Arts industry to share news, tips, advice or anything helpful to do with the Coronavirus and how it is affecting you/your business.

Thanks Katy! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

This is a support, ideas sharing and chat group for parents who find themselves suddenly home schooling due to the Corona Virus or are considering taking their children out. Lets help our kids and stay sane together!!

Thanks RD! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Sun LifeVisit site

When someone dies, finding out what needs to be done can be overwhelming. This simple guide explains what you need to do first, and what to do in the weeks and months that follow.

Thanks Andy! | Reviewed 18.05.2020

Nip in the BudVisit site

Nip in the Bud make films to illustrate the behaviours common in different conditions in children, along with explanations and information on how to follow up and get help. The films are accompanied by downloadable fact sheets explaining the symptoms to look out for, to spot early signs of distress which may require further monitoring.

Thanks Selene! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

EventbriteVisit site

Information, articles, and suggestions for managing your event during unprecedented times.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

List compiled by Daily MirrorVisit site

You can pay for meal kit delivery services as an alternative/complimentary to grocery deliveries. There are a range of providers available.

Thanks Jay! | Reviewed 20.03.2020

Wach episodes and clips, play games, and even sing along to your favourite Horrible Histories songs!

Thanks Sena! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

PhonicsPlayVisit site

Free during COVID-19. A site packed with interactive phonics games, phonics planning, assessment ideas and many teaching ideas and resources to help children to learn to hear.

Thanks JJ! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Down to EarthVisit site

With funeral costs high and rising, many people faced with a sudden loss struggle to find an affordable send off for their loved ones. We can help.

Thanks Peter! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Royal College of Obstetricians and GynaecologistsVisit site

These Q&As relate to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and pregnancy – guidance for healthcare professionals: Version 3 – 18 March 2020

Thanks Phillip! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

The MixVisit site

We provide free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK. If you're aged 25 or under, and are experiencing any painful emotion or are in crisis, text THEMIX to 85258.

Reviewed 22.03.2020

Mental Health At WorkVisit site

Finding documents, guides, tips, videos, courses, podcasts, templates and information from across the UK, all aimed at helping you get to grips with workplace mental health

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Jewish Helpline UKVisit site

Need someone to talk to? confidential support from volunteers. Helpline Open Sun - Thur 12pm - 12am

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Battersea Dogs & Cats HomeVisit site

We are acutely aware that faced with current circumstances, many pet owners may be struggling to look after their pet. To help provide support to pet owners we have set up a dog & cat behaviour advice line on 02038878347 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm).

Thanks Jake! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

British Red CrossVisit site

By becoming a community reserve volunteer, you will help your community get back on track in the event of a major local emergency. This may be particularly important right now and we are working with the authorities to support the Covid-19 response in the best possible way.

Thanks Nicola! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

Glasgow Science CentreVisit site

Teaching resources including excercises and games on science topics such as body systems and cells, electricity and climate change.

Thanks CC! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Money Saving ExpertVisit site

Covers a broad range of topics including sick pay, mortgages, rental help, energy top-ups, cancelled events & more.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Family ActionVisit site

Struggling with the challenges of parenthood? Need someone to talk to? Our free telephone, text and email support service helps parents and carers with the challenges they face. Mon-Fri, 9am to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm

Reviewed 19.03.2020

Bereavement Advice CentreVisit site

A free helpline and web-based information service that gives practical information and advice on many issues and procedures that face us after the death of someone close. Helpline Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Calm Harm AppVisit site

The app provides different activities which are designed to help people resist and manage the urge to self harm using the basic principles of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.

Thanks Izzie! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

QuizletVisit site

Quizlet is a website that provides learning tools and games to help revise anything from poetry terminology to musical notes. Think flashcards but much more interactive and fun.

Thanks Alison! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Free online jigsaw puzzles. Hundreds of new jigsaw puzzles every day created by users from all around the world.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Equity Charitable TrustVisit site

If you're a professional performer who wants to train for a new career, or who is facing financial difficulties, then we will endeavour to help you out.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Explore the Surface of Mars on the Curiosity Rover with 360 view!

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Compiled by UCL Institute of EducationVisit site

The lists, compiled by academics in the IOE’s London Centre for Leadership in Learning (LCLL) and the Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE), feature resources for primary and secondary school pupils. They also contain videos and websites for adults to help them talk to children about the coronavirus and learning resources about the virus for pupils.

Thanks Darja! | Reviewed 04.05.2020

King’s College LondonVisit site

Take 1-minute to self-report daily, even if you are well. This helps our scientists identify high-risk areas, who is most at risk and how fast the virus is spreading.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

BBC BitesizeVisit site

Over the coming days and weeks we'll be bringing you daily content that supports you as schools close across the UK, to help you with your education and wellbeing. Resources for age 3 to 16+

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Royal Medical Benevolent FundVisit site

Leading UK charity for doctors, medical students and their families. RMBF provides financial support, money advice and information when it is most needed due to distress caused by age, ill health, or bereavement. RMBF has a telephone befriending service for anyone who needs to talk.

Reviewed 28.03.2020

Ben will continue to be here for the automotive community providing health and wellbeing support for automotive people and their family dependants. We offer information, advice and guidance and emergency financial support.

Thanks John! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

ABTA LifelineVisit site

ABTA LifeLine is here to help travel industry colleagues in times of hardship. Financial support may be available if you are experiencing severe hardship.

Thanks Jo! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

ResearchifyVisit site

Here are some classic children's books, free to read or listen to. Perfect for a long break from school!

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Local communitiesVisit site

Connecting anyone struggling with childcare during this time with volunteers - ask for disclosure/PVG checks. Please use this group to post your needs and offer of childcare.

Thanks Penny! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

A wide range of COVID-19 related information and guidance is freely available online. NHBF Members have access to a free 24/7 legal helpline.

Thanks Janet! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Sublime ScienceVisit site

101 awesomely fun science experiments you can do at home with 'stuff' you've already got.

Thanks Frankie! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

GrassrootsVisit site

A template letter to provide to your care team to share guidance to keep you safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Thanks Charlie! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Child and Adolescent Mental Health ServicesVisit site

CAMHS provides information on the different support services available for children and young people who have difficulties with their emotional and behavioural wellbeing.

Thanks Sarah Shehzad! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

PapyrusVisit site

Our HopelineUK advisers want to work with you to understand why these thoughts of suicide might be present. This is a safe space to talk through anything happening in your life. Helpline open 9am – 10pm weekdays, 2pm – 10pm weekends.

Thanks Jack! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Happy PlaceVisit site

Fearne Cotton chats to celebrity guests about their mental health in a podcast series about mental health. Guests include Dawn French, Stephen Fry, author Matt Haig and Olympic diver Tom Daley.

Thanks B x! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Cruse Bereavement CareVisit site

This site is a safe place where you can learn from other young people, how to cope with grief, and feel less alone. Designed for any young person dealing with the loss of a loved one. Our helpline is free and open 9:30-5pm Mon-Fri.

Thanks Jack! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Arts CouncilVisit site

We want to support artists, creative practitioners and freelancers as best we can in this crisis. We're making £20 million of financial support available to individuals, so they can better sustain themselves, and their work, in the coming months.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Association of Child PsychotherapistsVisit site

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists help understand the complex emotional lives of infants, children, young people, families and carers in depth through a psychoanalytic approach.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

The Naked ProfessorsVisit site

They go beneath the surface to find out how they have dealt with difficult challenges & to hear the tips and tricks they use to keep their spirits high

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Help MusiciansVisit site

Advice for musicians fearful of the implications Covid-19 could have on their own health and their performance and teaching commitments.

Reviewed 22.03.2020

This easy read guide explains what the virus is, what the symptoms are, what to do if you think you have it and how to stop the virus spreading. You can use this guide to learn more about Coronavirus, or to explain the virus to other people.

Thanks Kim! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

National Counselling SocietyVisit site

Counselling can help with all sorts of different issues. It can help you find direction, provide a viewpoint if feeling a 'bit stuck', tackle things from your past or make some life changes.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

How to self-isolate if you've been diagnosed or suspect Coronavirus.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 18.03.2020

Big White WallVisit site

Open 24/7, provides a free for many workers and UK students services, helping to determine, whether you have depression or/and anxiety, and how to get help.

Thanks Aleks! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

Guidance for British people travelling and living overseas following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 18.03.2020

Retail TRUSTVisit site

Offering emotional, financial and other wellbeing support to anyone in retail including supporting service industries such as wholesaling, distribution and manufacturing.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Alzheimer's SocietyVisit site

4 ways to spot a coronavirus financial scam and protect people affected by dementia

Thanks Johnny! | Reviewed 26.03.2020

Cariad LloydVisit site

A podcast with comedians talking about death and grief, highlighting that people are not alone in grief.

Thanks Matthew! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

These simple knitting projects for kids are perfect for beginners.

Thanks Sarah! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

The Body CoachVisit site

You don't need any equipment, just tune in to my YouTube channel at 9am each morning for a 30-minute, fun workout.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

National Centre for Eating DisordersVisit site

You can find local and online counsellors. Costs start from £65 for your first session.

Thanks Kudrotey! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

The Outdoor Guide (TOG)Visit site

TOG is an inspirational walking portal where you will find fab walks and related information that aims to inspire families to get out and explore this wonderful country.

Thanks Rebekah! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

National Autistic Society e-befriending serviceVisit site

The National Autistic Society match you with a volunteer befriender to exchange emails with and chat about things that interest or concern you and offer a friendly, supportive link with the wider community

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

Eating Disorders Association NIVisit site

Offering free & confidential support to anyone living with or worried about an eating disorder. Call the 24 hour helpline, email, or join the monthly online support group.

Thanks Benjamin! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Coronavirus is both a health and economic crisis, deeply affecting the self-employed. We'll be providing you with all the latest updates, and are here to answer your questions.

Thanks Harry! | Reviewed 04.04.2020

Scotland's professional body for counselling and psychotherapy. Search our register.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Rethink Mental IllnessVisit site

Our Advice Service offers practical help on issues such as the Mental Health Act, community care, welfare benefits and carers rights. We also offer general help on living with mental illness, medication and care.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Rob BiddulphVisit site

Artist Rob Biddulph is live-streaming draw along classes for kids (adults might find these fun too!)

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

ChooseLifeVisit site

A free and confidential phoneline service for anyone in Scotland experiencing low mood or depression and needs someone to talk to. You can also call if worried about someone.

Thanks JR! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Mystery ScienceVisit site

Mystery Science creates science lessons for U.S. schools. They are offering a starter set of science lessons (videos and activities) for free.

Thanks Irene! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

Includes guidance on matters such as food hygeine and employee sickness.

Reviewed 02.04.2020

This blog shares links to resources you might find useful. We’ll update it as new resources become available or visible to us.

Thanks Sophie! | Reviewed 24.04.2020

If your child’s school closes due to coronavirus fears, or your child or another dependant becomes unwell or needs to go into self-isolation, you should be able to take time off work to look after them (this may be unpaid). See the ACAS site for more information.

Thanks Sophie! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Dame Kelly HolmesVisit site

An honest account into how some the UK’s best-known celebrities have coped with mental health, from OCD to insomnia, addiction to grief, and depression to anxiety.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Winstons WishVisit site

In the coming weeks, more children and young people will face bereavement through the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19). At Winston’s Wish, we work with bereaved families and offer guidance on how to speak to children about death and dying, and about different causes of death, whether sudden or expected, through illness, accident, suicide or violence.

Thanks Brian! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Take a virtual tour of the some of the world's greatest museums and heritage sites.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Anxiety UKVisit site

Well known UK charity offers a dedicated helpline, online seminars and online support groups for anyone suffering anxiety at this time.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

Mental Health UKVisit site

Find information and tips for managing your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak (also known as COVID-19). Whether you're social distancing or self-isolating you may be feeling anxious or stressed during this time, and that's completely normal.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Cruse Bereavement CareVisit site

Grief is a natural process, but it can be devastating. Cruse Bereavement Care is here to support you after the death of someone close. We offer a range of free confidential support for adults and children.

Reviewed 19.03.2020

The Book Trade CharityVisit site

Covid-19 hardship grants are available – if bookshops or staff are having problems, contact asap, we are here to help!

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

The Rainy Day TrustVisit site

We offer financial support to people that have worked in Builders Merchants, Cookshops, DIY shops and outlets, hardware stores, garden centres, or that have worked for manufacturers and distributors and worked in the pottery and glass industry.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

BDA Benevolent FundVisit site

The charity provides financial aid to dental students, dentists and their families in need, whether they are in training, in practice, have left the profession or are retired.

Thanks Charlie! | Reviewed 08.04.2020

Money Advice ServiceVisit site

Need help sorting out your debts, have credit questions or want pensions guidance?
Add +44 7701 342744 to your Whatsapp and send us a message.

Thanks Jenny! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

NHS and othersVisit site

We have introduced a confidential staff support line, operated by the Samaritans and free to access from 7.00 am – 11.00 pm, seven days a week. You can call for support, signposting and confidential listening.
Alternatively, you can text FRONTLINE to 85258 for support 24/7 via text.

Thanks Benjamin! | Reviewed 10.04.2020

GroceryAidVisit site

Call 08088 021 122 to speak to our free Helpline, our Live Chat is also now available 24/7. Financial help and Covid-19 guidance is also available.

Thanks Charlie! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

TutorfulVisit site

Helping you to find the most suitable, local, private tutors in an array of subject areas and languages. Online options also available.

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 25.04.2020

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world.

Thanks Hannah! | Reviewed 29.03.2020

Our counselling service is a not-for-profit, low-cost counselling service designed for the Chinese communities. We provide English, Cantonese and Mandarin speaking counsellors.

Thanks Sam! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

VariousVisit site

Whats On Stage have compiled a large list of different stage shows, musicals and operas that you can watch from home.

Thanks Katy! | Reviewed 27.03.2020

Roma Support GroupVisit site

Some information on Coronavirus for the Roma community in the UK.

Thanks Roma Community! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

My Possible SelfVisit site

The NHS-featured mental health and well-being app: helping you become your best possible self!

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Hair and Beauty CharityVisit site

If you are experiencing extreme financial difficulties as a result of the coronavirus, you can apply for a grant. We are a small charity and prioritise assistance to those who need it most urgently.

Thanks Karen! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Science Museum GroupVisit site

This site brings together resources from our Museums, including activities, games and videos. Discover activities to support a range of curriculum topics for use in the classroom, in museum galleries and beyond.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Scottish GovernmentVisit site

In Scotland, if you are experiencing hardship, you can apply for a crisis grant (money you might not need to repay) from the Scottish Welfare Fund.

Thanks Katy! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Full FactVisit site

An independent fact checking charity to check claims and myths you hear about coronavirus.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 18.03.2020

NextdoorVisit site

Nextdoor app is the neighbourhood hub for connecting with neighbours to exchange helpful information, goods, and services.

Thanks Jan! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

Project GutenbergVisit site

Browse over 60,000 free ebooks to view online or on your kindle.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Speacial tips and advice during the Covid-19 epidemic. There is also a helpline open 24/7 - 0808 2000 247

Thanks Sally! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

SporcleVisit site

Test your general knowledge with these free quizes.

Thanks Ant! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

This page has some tips and suggestions for managing feelings of loneliness.

Thanks Jacob! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

The Body CoachVisit site

Free home fitness workout videos for a range of age ranges and skills.

Reviewed 21.03.2020

NHS.ScotVisit site

Overseas visitors include immigrants (regardless of your legal status), overseas students and workers, tourists and holidaymakers and refugees and asylum seekers (regardless of your legal status).

Thanks Liz! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

DareBeeVisit site

Find a range of exercises to pick from including a video exercise library. Also available as an app.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 12.04.2020

#viralkindnessVisit site

Print, complete and deliver these postcards to elderly of self-isolating neighbours to let them know you are able to assist with activities such as shopping.

Thanks Penny! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Cosmic YogaVisit site

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation designed specially for kids aged 3+. Themes include Frozen and Harry Potter.

Thanks Ellie! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

TenPercentVisit site

The meditations, podcasts, blog posts, and talks on this page can help you build resilience and find some calm amidst the chaos. American site but content may be useful.

Thanks Paul! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is already having an impact on businesses across the country and social enterprises are no exception. This page will be updated as often as possible with the latest news and resources to help us collectively get through it.

Thanks SEUK! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

See the latest information, advice and guidance relating to Coronavirus. There are also links to the online and phone 111 service if required.

Thanks JJ! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Open UniversityVisit site

Explore a wide range of courses for different age groups from 1 to 100hours.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

NHS.ScotVisit site

If you are an asylum seeker or a refugee living in Scotland, you have the right to NHS healthcare while you are here.

Thanks John! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Not Another Anxiety ShowVisit site

People from the anxious to the occasionally overwhelmed to the painfully panicked come to this podcast to start an anxiety adventure.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

The government is seeking 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak. The NHS has said the volunteers will support the 1.5m vulnerable people who have been asked to "shield" themselves from COVID-19

Thanks Jeremy! | Reviewed 25.03.2020

Massimo BotturaVisit site

Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura of Osteria Francescana fame has just launched a new Instagram series called “Kitchen Quarantine,” where he will guide you step-by-step through basic recipes.

Thanks Maria! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

SwitchboardVisit site

We’re here to help you with whatever you want to talk about. Nothing is off limits, and we understand how anxious you might feel before you pick up the phone. Helpline open 10am-10pm 365 days a year.

Thanks Amber S! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

This is a relaxed, friendly and honest group for anyone in the UK to express and chat about how they are feeling and coping, including sharing tips. Its main focus is carers or families of those with Dementia or Alzheimers.

Reviewed 20.03.2020

Students Against DepressionVisit site

Information and resources to help with depression, anxiety and problems such as sleep difficulties, concentrating, studying, and how to support ourselves with suicidal thoughts.

Thanks Sarah! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

PremierVisit site

A space for you to express your concerns, discuss uncertainties and work through problems. If you are lonely or isolated, it can be the friendly voice you need at the end of the line. Open 9am to midnight daily.

Thanks Karen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Self-help app which promotes mental wellbeing using mindfulness techniques

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

NCC Benevolent FundVisit site

You can call our free and confidential helpline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for help and support if you are worried or anxious about any aspect of the coronavirus. We also offer information around finances, childcare, housing or benefits. Financial grants also available.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Facebook groupVisit site

Welcome to Duet Yourself, a virtual community choir! This is an online choir for anyone who can’t access a face to face choir or singing group.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

While there's no evidence to suggest that pets can be carriers of Coronavirus or can become ill from it themselves, your pets may be impacted if you or any members of your family test positive or are asked to self-isolate. There are lots of easy ways to take care of your pets' needs even if you can't leave the house.

Thanks Isabel! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Citizens AdviceVisit site

Scams can be difficult to recognise, but there are things you can look out for.
You can use our online scams helper to get advice that’s specific to your situation.

Thanks Frank! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

MentalSnappVisit site

A video diary app for people managing their mental health to self care by recording clips and responding to guided exercises to reflect, review and share

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Shout is the UK's first free 24/7 text service for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. A safe space where you're listened to by a trained, supervised Crisis Volunteer. Text Shout to 85258

Thanks Brian and Kudrotey! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Breathing SpaceVisit site

A free and confidential web and phone service for anyone in Scotland over the age of 16 experiencing low mood, depression or anxiety. Helpline open Mon-Thurs 6pm-2am, Fri 6pm -Mon 6am

Thanks SN! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Association of Christian CounsellorsVisit site

The Association of Christian Counsellors is a professional body and registered charity representing Christian counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK.

Reviewed 31.03.2020

Northern Ireland Government ServicesVisit site

If you’re a furloughed worker, or have lost your job as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19) and want to develop your skills to help you look for work, free online training is available.

Thanks Sarah! | Reviewed 25.04.2020

SupportLineVisit site

SupportLine listens, supports and responds to callers in need of emotional support. It is aimed at those who are socially isolated, at risk, vulnerable and victims of abuse.

Thanks Rebekah! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

A range of extra support and measures will be in place to help workers, benefit claimants and businesses affected by coronavirus.

Thanks Chris! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Local HelpersVisit site

Find people in your area that can help with doing the shopping, offer company etc.

Thanks James! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

The Trussell TrustVisit site

To end hunger and poverty by supporting a network of food banks. They provide emergency food and support to people in poverty and campaign to end the need for food banks.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

FareShareVisit site

Volunteering roles available as warehouse assistant or delivery driver.

Thanks John! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

To help suddenly bereaved people access specialist care through the provision of free information and advice services

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

GigsGuideVisit site

Join live music performances online.

Thanks Jay! | Reviewed 21.03.2020

Theatre HelplineVisit site

The Theatre Helpline is a free, independent and confidential phone and email service that provides support to people working in the theatre industry. Trained staff are available to offer support and signposting on any topic which affects your wellbeing.

Thanks Jacob! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Turn2usVisit site

Turn2us is a national charity providing financial support to help people get back on track. Use the Grant Search to find out what charitable funds you may be eligible for.

Reviewed 28.03.2020

UK Council for PsychotherapyVisit site

UKCP is a membership organisation with national registers of psychotherapists, psychotherapists qualified to work with children and psychotherapeutic counsellors.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Blue CrossVisit site

When coronavirus, the weather or your pet's health prevents them from enjoying the outdoors, there are other great ways to keep them mentally stimulated.

Thanks Jenny! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

TheMathsFactorVisit site

Let Carol teach your child Maths during this difficult period. Age 4-12 years. Matched to the National Curriculum

Thanks Millie! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

Latest advice for social workers regarding Coronavirus from the British Association of Social Workers.

Thanks Paul! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Yoga with AdrieneVisit site

We welcome all levels, all bodies, all genders, all souls! Browse our library of free yoga videos to find a practice that suits your mood or start a journey toward healing.

Thanks Amy! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Wide range of resources and activities. Some are now available for free during COVID-19.

Thanks Christy! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

UnknownVisit site

Print this poster to let visitors, delivery drivers or others know you are self-isolating.

Thanks Naomi! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Directors Charitable FoundationVisit site

The Foundation devotes much of its work to the relief of poverty and need among current and former Directors and the immediate families of deceased Directors.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Care for the FamilyVisit site

Care for the Family is a national charity which aims to promote strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties.

Thanks Rachel S! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

No Really, I'm FineVisit site

Explores peoples daily struggle with mental health and telling the world you're not alone. They hear about you, how to break the stigma, sharing your stories & listening

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

SignHealthVisit site

SignHealth is committed to making sure coronavirus information is available in British Sign Language.

Thanks Leena! | Reviewed 10.04.2020

The Mental Illness Happy HourVisit site

A weekly online podcast that interviews comedians, artists, friends, and the occasional doctor. Each episode explores mental illness, trauma, addiction and negative thinking.

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

The Silver LineVisit site

The Silver Line is the only free confidential helpline providing information, friendship and advice to older people, open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Reviewed 03.04.2020

Young MindsVisit site

We're leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered. For urgent 24/7 help text YM to 85258. Parents helpline: Monday to Friday 9.30am – 4pm

Thanks Rebekah! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Cavell Nurses’ TrustVisit site

Cavell Nurses’ Trust has set aside additional funding for grants designed to help nursing and midwifery professionals support their living costs like rent and utility bills. We support UK nurses, midwives and healthcare assistants, both working and retired, when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Muslim Bereavement Support ServiceVisit site

A charity which supports bereaved Muslim women and offers free and confidential face-to-face and/or telephone support.

Thanks Hope Melody! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Mentally YoursVisit site

They chat to guests who have dealt with mental health issues and discuss all the weird stuff going on in our minds.

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

Self injury supportVisit site

Support, information and training. Call the helpline, text 07537 432444 or use the webchat. Support available Tues-Thurs, 7pm-9.30pm. All calls are taken by female volunteers.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Owning It: The Anxiety PodcastVisit site

Explores everything from what anxiety is, why it happens to us, how our brains work and why using various tools and techniques to necessary for owning it

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

We're All Mad HereVisit site

It bridges the gap between health professionals and people living with mental health disorders with it's wit, humour, honesty, it offers readers information & support

Thanks Imogen! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Carers UKVisit site

Range of advice for carers including contingency planning and looking after your own health and wellbeing.

Thanks Jen! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

The Blurt FoundationVisit site

Provides relevant tools and knowledge to help understand more about depression and some lifestyle changes that can help you through recovery.

Thanks SN! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Latest updates and how you and your pets can cope during self-isolation. 24hr emergency line open for emergencies only.

Thanks Jack! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Give FoodVisit site

Food banks can request food and supplies to be delivered to them. Individuals from the public can find out what items food banks near them are requesting.

Thanks Julia! | Reviewed 04.05.2020

Be ThereVisit site

An online educational resource to help you learn how to recognise when someone is struggling with their mental health, and the best way to support them.

Thanks SN! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

NHS-approved. Download the free app and get your medication where you want it – from any pharmacy in England or delivered to any address in the UK for free.

Thanks Nani! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Pink TherapyVisit site

Online directory of therapists of all sexualities and gender identities who work with gender and sexual diversity clients across the LGBTQI spectrum from a non-judgmental standpoint.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

UK GovernmentVisit site

Stay at home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Thanks Bethan! | Reviewed 18.03.2020

MindHeart on FacebookVisit site

Simple illustrated book to explain Coronavirus to little ones.

Thanks Christine! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

Lloyds PharmacyVisit site

Echo is the free online repeat prescription service by Lloyds Pharmacy. Echo works with GP surgeries in England to take care of prescriptions. You can request your medicines and Echo will confirm and dispense them to a delivery address of your choice.

Thanks Nicola! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Local communitiesVisit site

Local community organising groups to communicate, learn and assist each other at a local level.

Thanks Penny! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

Business Support HelplineVisit site

Call 0300 456 3565 Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

Reviewed 02.04.2020

C.A.L.LVisit site

24/7 helpline offering confidential emotional support for people concerned about their own or others' mental health

Thanks Amber S! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Human Givens InstituteVisit site

The human givens approach is different. Its therapists look to see what is missing, or being misused, in clients' lives, with the aim of helping them find ways to better meet their needs.

Thanks Gemma! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Action Mental HealthVisit site

Action Mental Health provides support and opportunities for those with mental health issues or learning disabilities, encouraging a healthier way of life.

Thanks Ciaran! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

With Zoom you can schedule one-to-one or group video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. Free for basic use.

Thanks Phil! | Reviewed 02.04.2020

Dogs TrustVisit site

Dogs Trust is issuing some top tips on how dog owners can keep their dogs happy and active at home if they need to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

Thanks Mandy! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

Curated by NHS EmployersVisit site

Find resources, offers and toolkits that may help NHS staff during this time.

Reviewed 17.04.2020

Browse a variety of remote working roles via Indeed.

Thanks Ciaran! | Reviewed 22.03.2020

Bipolar UKVisit site

For those living with bipolar this is an online community to talk about all things. Also provides a form to request a call back from a peer support line and lots of helpful guidance.

Thanks Jack D! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Play Therapy UKVisit site

Play Therapy UK (PTUK) is a not for profit organisation dedicated to promoting the use of play and creative arts as ways of enabling children to reach their full potential.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

The Society of AuthorsVisit site

Applications are open to all professional authors who are resident in the UK or British subjects – including all types of writers, illustrators, literary translators, scriptwriters, poets, journalists and others

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Carers UKVisit site

We advise all carers to create an emergency plan – for you and all those you look after. Having a plan in place can help ease your worries if you are not able to care for those you look after at any point in the future.

Thanks Justine! | Reviewed 27.03.2020

National GeographicVisit site

Wide range of resources and games for kids.

Thanks Charlie! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

The Furniture Makers’ CompanyVisit site

We can provide financial assistance to anyone with two years' employment in companies involved in manufacturing/supplying furniture, kitchens or bathrooms; furniture stores such as DFS, BrightHouse, Ikea, Argos; carpet sales or fitting; beds, curtains and upholstery.

Thanks Ian! | Reviewed 28.03.2020

Rock 2 RecoveryVisit site

Their mission is to save and change the lives of veterans and their families affected by stress by inspiring, coaching and motivating sufferers to a better reality.

Thanks Imogen Horner! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Cats ProtectionVisit site

Can cats catch coronavirus (COVID-19)? What can I do if I have to self-isolate? Find answers to the more common questions about coronavirus here.

Thanks Jenny! | Reviewed 03.04.2020

SkillshareVisit site

Browse thousands of free classes for your career, passions and everything in between.

Thanks Martin! | Reviewed 30.03.2020

SignHealthVisit site

Deaf people are twice as likely to experience mental health problems. Our psychological therapy service is delivered in British Sign Language, cutting out the need for an interpreter.

Thanks Sam! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Tate KidsVisit site

Find a variety of activities, games, quizzes and videos from the Tate Modern Gallery.

Thanks Frances! | Reviewed 24.03.2020

frontline19.comVisit site

A group of therapists set up the website so doctors, nurses and other NHS staff can access counselling services online during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Thanks Laura Hyde Foundation! | Reviewed 06.04.2020

World Health OrganizationVisit site

Holiday refunds, travel insurance cover and more

Thanks Craig! | Reviewed 19.03.2020

StepChangeVisit site

Offers free debt advice and support to achieve long term financial control

Thanks Khalid! | Reviewed 29.03.2020

LifelineVisit site

Helpline open 24/7. Lifeline is the Northern Ireland crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair. Deaf and hard of hearing Textphone users can call Lifeline on 18001 0808 808 8000.

Reviewed 22.03.2020

OnePlusOneVisit site

A charity offering a range of online resources and support for anyone having relationship issues.

Thanks Jenny! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

TalklifeVisit site

An app offering peer support for people struggling with mental health issues. Creates social connections where can express thoughts and feelings and start conversations.

Thanks Paula A! | Reviewed 01.04.2020

Advice for employees, including employees that need to take time off to care for someone with coronavirus or concerned about going into the workplace.

Thanks Kim! | Reviewed 07.04.2020

Smallwood TrustVisit site

We can provide grants and support for women on low incomes who have specific needs and are struggling to make ends meet or trying to overcome financial problems. There is a Covid-19 fund available.

Thanks Sikemi! | Reviewed 24.04.2020

Covid-19 Mutual Aid UKVisit site

Many migrants, refugees, and people with insecure immigration status in the UK will be particularly at risk during Coronavirus, due to lack of or restricted access to council services, healthcare, and housing. JCWI, Migrants Organise, and Medact have put together a short guide for Mutual Aid groups to consider how best to support at risk migrants.

Thanks CMA! | Reviewed 31.03.2020

Includes lots of information and practical steps to improve your mental wellbeing at this time such as planning for staying home.

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Scottish Association for Mental Heath (SAMH)Visit site

SAMH provides mental health resources online including a quiz to find out your wellbeing score.

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The MightyVisit site

Digital health community online created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities. This is a place for peer support, not to find a diagnosis.

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UK GovernmentVisit site

Advice for pet owners and livestock keepers on maintaining the welfare of their animals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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4 Mental Health LtdVisit site

Find templates, guidance and video tutorials to build a Safety Plan. Identify actions to resist suicidal thoughts and develop positive ways to cope with stress and emotional distress.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

British Psychoanalytic CouncilVisit site

Psychotherapy involves conversations with a listener who is trained to help you make sense of, and try to change, things that are troubling you.

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Tutor HuntVisit site

Helping both tutors and students find each other. Search by level, subject and location and create your own tutor or student profile. Online tutoring also available.

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MumsnetVisit site

Mumsnet makes parents' lives easier by pooling knowledge, advice and support on everything from conception to childbirth, from babies to teenagers.

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ZooniverseVisit site

Help transcribe the handwritten rainfall measurements from a particular year or information about the locations to assist climate scientists.

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Georgia AquariumVisit site

With the Georgia Aquarium Live Cams you can have a look and see what the fish and sharks are up to!

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If you run a business or are self-employed and are concerned about paying your tax due to coronavirus, you can call HMRC’s helpline for help and advice: 0800 024 1222. Open Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.

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Doctors of the WorldVisit site

The complete list: English, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Dari, Estonian, Farsi, French, German. Greek, Gujarati, Hausa, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Kiswahili, Krio, Kurdish Sorani, Lithuanian, Oromo, Malayalam, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Sindhi, Slovak, Spanish, Somali, Tamil, Tigrinya, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Wolof, Yiddish.

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Opening Up CricketVisit site

Opening Up promotes mental wellbeing and suicide prevention through cricket and run a regular podcast.

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Action on Postpartum PsychosisVisit site

In our online forum, you can chat with others who have been affected by postpartum psychosis. The forum is open to anyone that has been affected, including partners and family.

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Strong by ZumbaVisit site

The high-intensity workout led by music. Feel every beat. Sync every move. Work every muscle.

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Short on time? These 10-minute workouts are just what you need. These equipment-free fitness routines are great to do at home and short enough for you to easily fit them into your daily schedule.

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Tim ClareVisit site

The Couch to 80k Writing Boot Camp is a free writing podcast that delivers a complete 8 week fiction writing course over 48 episodes.

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Pandas FoundationVisit site

We help support and advise any parent who is experiencing a perinatal mental illness. We also guide family, friends, carers and employers how to support someone who is suffering. Helpline open 9am-8pm daily.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Business WalesVisit site

Telephone: 0300 060 3000, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm

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Comprehensive content for adults aged 19 to 64, including pregnant women and adults with disabilities.

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UK GovernmentVisit site

Information on healthcare advice for employers and support for businesses.

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If you have any concerns, questions or issues about any aspect of caring for someone living with a serious and complex mental illness, you can contact us through our helpline open Monday, Wed & Friday: 10am - 4pm Tuesday & Thursday: 12noon - 8pm

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Student MindsVisit site

The Student Minds blog is the UK's biggest blog on student wellbeing and mental health. Here students can speak up about their experiences of living with mental health difficulties.

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Range of online fitness videos for all ages and differing abilities. Includes exercises for older adults too.

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Dr RanjVisit site

Simple video explaining what the virus is, where scientists think it originated from, from how at risk children are and what they can do to help protect themselves and help fight it.

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InstructorLive (via NHS)Visit site

There are exercises to tone your abs, raise your heart rate, and tone your upper arms. You will also find workouts suitable for new mums, such as postnatal yoga, or health problems, such as pilates for back pain. Plus, there's the Wake up! workout, Vinyasa flow yoga, and Belly dancing for beginners to get you moving.

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Good Things FoundationVisit site

Short videos designed to help people recognise small conflicts in their life and make some easy changes leading to happier outcomes for themselves and their children. #SeeItDifferently

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Big Life JournalVisit site

Shop for engaging resources that help kids develop a growth and resilient mindset so they can face life’s challenges with confidence.

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Muslim Youth HelplineVisit site

A national charity helpline that provides free and confidential faith and culturally sensitive support services targeted at vulnerable young people in the UK.

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Dr Michelle Dickinson aka NanogirlVisit site

Video includes importance of washing hands.

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Play Therapy helps children understand muddled feelings and upsetting events, using play to communicate at their own level and at their own pace, without feeling interrogated.

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There are simple things we can all do to look after our mental health and wellbeing – take our quiz to get started today with a free plan, expert advice and practical tips.

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A website providing advice for common mental health issues, but also creates apps to help teenagers and young people to manage their mental health, including apps to help manage self harming and anxiety.

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UK GovernmentVisit site

Find guidance on support for businesses who are paying sick pay to employees, who pay business rates or tax and learn about the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

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App for OCD therapy comprehensive of learning tool about OCD, ERP exercises, OCD community online, personalised therapy plan

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Coronavirus can affect anyone, but people with pre-existing health problems and older people are thought to be at greater risk of developing severe symptoms.

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If you're not sure whether therapy could help, what type of therapy you need, or how to find a safe and effective counsellor or psychotherapist, we'll help you find what you need.

Reviewed 01.04.2020

Drinks TrustVisit site

We provide vocational, practical, and emotional support to those who are currently working, or have worked, in the UK drinks industry.

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CatholicTVVisit site

Daily services available.

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I Am. I HaveVisit site

Mental health advocates share the passions that shape their lives, as well as thoughts on their own mental health

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Find lessons and sheet music for a range of instruments including your voice.

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ElefriendsVisit site

From the mental health charity Mind, on online support community where people can share their struggles with others to provide peer support

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Help for HeroesVisit site

Providing recovery & support for the Armed Forces community whose lives are affected by their service, no matter when they served. Helpline open Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

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Teach Your Monster To ReadVisit site

The game that makes learning to read fun, covering everything from letters and sounds to reading full sentences. Free computer version.

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Don't worry.  If you can't find support here, please try our main site. We signpost to over 1500 different support organisations covering a wide range of issues.