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ECPAT UK      020 7607 2136

Helps to protect children against trafficking

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Victim Support Scotland  

Find out what emotional support and practical information is available if you have been the victim of crime, regardless of whether it has been reported.

Available in Scotland


Support and advice for young people under 18 who have experienced or witnessed crime. Includes information about crime, how to cope and an interactive courtroom.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

unseenUK      08000 121 700  

Victims are able to speak to fully trained call handlers who can support them to find and advice them to find relevant services such as Government funding.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

NI Direct      0800 0121 700  

Help and support for victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, being brought to Northern Ireland by force or pretence.

Available in Northern Ireland

The Salvation Army      0300 303 8151  

Specialist support for those in England and Wales who are impacted by modern slavery

Available in England, Wales

Migrant Help      0808 8010 503

We offer our vulnerable migrants the advice and support they need to feel safe and lead successful lives in the UK. Support also provided to victims or suspected slavery and human trafficking.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Black Country Women's Aid      0121 552 6448

Providing emotional support, access to healthcare, and other services including legal and educational support. The NRM (National Referral Mechanism) identifies victims which then enables appropriate support.

Available in England, Wales

Modern Slavery Helpline      0800 012 1700  

The confidential helpline works with victims and provide information, support, and advice.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Police service of Northern Ireland      0800 555 111  

By reporting crime you are helping to keep your community safer.If you have been a witness or a victim of a crime you can report it to the PSNI.

Available in Northern Ireland

Citizens Advice  

Information on how to identify human trafficking, get confidentail advice and report anonymously.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Human Trafficking Foundation      08000 121 700

The Foundation has worked to map support services for survivors of trafficking in the UK. It details the different types of support available, criteria for accessing services and contact details.

Available in England, Scotland, Wales

Invisible Traffick      0808 800 8001

Saving people from Modern Slavery in the UK. Helpline open Wed 10am-2pm, Thurs 6pm-10pm if you need help or suspect an incident of human trafficking. Interpreters available.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales

Gangmasters & Labour Abuse Authority      0800 432 0804

Preventing worker exploitation, protecting vulnerable works, and tackling unlicensed/criminal work gangs,, and ensuring those licensed operate within the law.

Available in England, Wales

Victim Support Northern Ireland  

We offer free and confidential support, whether or not a crime has been reported and regardless of how long ago the event took place.

Available in Northern Ireland

Victim Support  

We're independent of the police and provide confidential support to anyone affected by crime. It doesn't matter whether the crime has been reported or how long ago it took place.

Available in England, Wales

Freedom United  

Educating supporters on ways to take action that drives real change.

Available in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales