The Gym Became More Addictive Than Smoking

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Take an ecig out with you if you're going out for a drink!

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My story

I started smoking at school. I know it's bad for you, enough people remind me. It just felt too difficult to stop and to be honest, I couldn't be bothered.

I had started dating someone who didn't want to be near me when I was smoking, he didn't like the smell. So I started to cut down. And I put the money I saved from not buying as many cigs towards a gym membership.

Going to the gym became more addictive than smoking. It became obvious smoking was making me unfit, I kept getting out of breath much quicker than everyone else. It sounds daft, but around that time, one of the punters from the bar I worked at spotted me smoking and said I looked really ugly when I smoked. That really upset me, I had to quit.

Some friends have vapes but I got a cheaper e-cig kit, the type they sell in newsagents. It did the job, even when out drinking, the next challenge was to give up completely.

Working in a busy bar, smoking was a way to get breaks. I spoke with my manager and she agreed that I could continue to take occassional short breaks (as if I was going for a smoke). Instead of smoking during those breaks, I would call or message friends or family, or watch some funny YouTube videos.

Now, a few months later, I get the occassional urge for a cig. Usually if I'm stressed or drinking, but I try to think of the money I'm saving, how much fitter I am and how good my hair smells! If I go out for drinks I take my ecig with me just in case. I really don't miss that disgusting taste in your mouth you wake up with after smoking the day before.

When you give up, you cough up all the muck in your lungs - this is when you really see how disgusting it is. I have so much respect for anyone that gives up. It's tough, but really worth it!