You Are Capable And Deserving Of Healthy Relationships

My advice

If you have to, make an escape plan and get away from them and then get straight into therapy. If you are frightened go to the police. Women can seek refuge from women's aid. Be careful who you speak to and stay away from those who can't understand or shame you until you are in a stronger position. Be kind and forgiving to yourself always and believe in yourself that you are capable and deserving of healthy relationships and a good quality life. It is your birth right.

My recommendations

My story

Today I'm still working on getting my life back after escaping from a highly toxic and psychologically abusive relationship. There is a whole load of childhood and cultural issues intertwined.

Firstly, you need to become aware of what is really going on which is difficult because no-one may have a clue what is happening to you. Your life may look picture perfect when in fact you are dying inside.

This is why getting yourself into therapy is vital. The therapist will not tell you what's wrong but will facilitate you to empower yourself with the truth because the answers are already inside you.

I had a phone consultation with my therapist first, to make sure I was happy to work with her. She helped me resolve many of my original core issues which lead me into the type of abusive relationship I ended up in. Unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour are addressed in order for you to take control and change your life script so you can live a better quality of life.

If you're in a toxic relationship you doubt your whole sense of self and perception of reality. It's a very scary place to be and I reached a point of feeling suicidal. No-one should yell at you or intimidate you or corner you into isolation. No-one has a right to do that to you.