Children with Autism

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Operation Diversity Academy

Training and support for parents of Neurodivergent children

Provides training and support for those caring for Neurodivergent children with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.

Driver Youth Trust

SEND resources for parents and teachers

Resources for teachers and parents to support learners with literacy difficulties and special education needs and disabilities.

Now Group

Just a minute (JAM) cards

A card that lets people with a learning difficulty, autism or communication barrier tell others they need “Just A Minute”.

Child Autism UK

Support and services for children with autism

A charity providing ABA services and advice on autism for families and schools and training for ABA professionals working with young children with autism.

Ambitious about Autism

Charity for children and young people with autism

Support for children with autism in education, participation, and employment.

QL Mentoring

Guidance for children with Autism and learning differences

Provides child-friendly advice on how to overcome difficulties caused by having learning disabilities or ASD, including bullying advice.

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