Advice and step-by-step guides for crime victims and witnesses

Provides advice and information via a step-by-step guide from the victim’s journey of reporting a crime through to the trial process and beyond. They also offer a list of charities that support victims.

24/7 sexual assault support in Northern Ireland

Delivers a range of support and services 24/7 to children, young people, women and men who have been sexually abused, assaulted or raped, whether this happened in the past or more recently.

Drink spiking information for parents

Provides information about drink spiking to help parents inform their children of the dangers, with film clips and a fact sheet for young adults (aged 16+).

Support after assault in Scotland

Provides practical and emotional support after experiencing an assault.

Sex worker information and rights in England

Provides information for sex workers from England on their rights to work. Supplies additional information for immigrant sex workers about their rights surrounding deportation.

Information and guidance on webcam blackmail

Provides guidance for online safety. This page provides advice on how to avoid webcam blackmail and what to do if you are a victim of this crime.

How to treat acid and chemical burns

Provides instructions on how to prevent serious injury before an ambulance arrives at the scene.

Illegal money lending support in Northern Ireland

Provides practical support and advice to people struggling with debt and vulnerable to exploitation by paramilitary gangs offering illegal loans.

Domestic or sexual abuse support in Northern Ireland

Confidential, 24/7 support and information for anyone experiencing domestic or sexual violence and abuse.

Compensation scheme for victims of historic institutional abuse

The Redress Board receives and processes compensation claims for victims of historic institutional abuse. The website features signposting and information and guidance for applicants.

Local support for victims of the troubles in Northern Ireland

A range of support services available to victims of the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Local support for institutional abuse victims in Northern Ireland

A range of local and other support services available to victims of institutional abuse victims in Northern Ireland.

Advocacy services after fatal domestic abuse

Supports those who have been affected by fatal domestic abuse with advocacy during criminal justice proceedings. They also provide emotional, practical and specialist peer support.

Bereavement support after murder or manslaughter abroad

Advice, guidance, practical and emotional support to people following the murder or manslaughter of their loved ones abroad.

How to report domestic abuse

The Metropolitan Police provide a number, an emergency SMS service and locations of your nearest police station to provide advice and support for reporting domestic abuse.

Information on drink spiking

Provides information on what to do if you think you or someone else has been spiked and how to avoid like situations.

Support after burglary in Scotland

Provides practical and emotional support after experiencing a burglary.

Support for abused men in Northern Ireland

An organisation that helps men across Northern Ireland who have struggled/are struggling with abusive relationships. They offer advice on their website, a helpline and counselling.

Sexual assault support in Northern Ireland

Rape Crisis Northern Ireland is a support service for anyone who is 18 and over and has experienced rape or serious sexual assault in adulthood.

Find a British embassy, high commission or consulate

Find the British embassy, high commission, or consulate for help when facing crisis abroad.

Advice for children on how to stay safe online

Provides helpful tips and advice for keeping safe and protected online. Includes advice on using social media, phishing, and scams.

Cyber stalking action plan

Free action plan, support and advice for anyone seeking help with online stalking. Make use of the chatbox function to receive free, immediate help from experts in cyber security.

Phishing: how to report to the NCSC

Guidance on reporting phishing emails to the Government’s Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS).

Support for those believed to be wrongfully convicted

CCRC is an independent body investigating potential miscarriages of justice. It appeals cases free of charge, if an incorrect conviction or sentencing is found after an already unsuccessful appeal.

Checklist of what to do after something is stolen

A checklist of items that may have been stolen, and what to do next if they have.

How to report a stolen vehicle

A step-by-step guide of what to do if your vehicle has been stolen.

Support and guidance after burglary

Provides practical and emotional support after experiencing a burglary.

Support and guidance after robbery

Provides practical and emotional support after experiencing a robbery.

Support to young people targeted by gangs

Guidance about gangs and street violence, including advice on who to talk to should you become targeted by a gang.

How to report energy theft

Advice on how to report suspected energy theft to a range of different organisations.

Information about gangs and teens at risk

Advice for parents who suspect their child may be involved with a gang.

Online blackmail information for parents

An article that details the impact of online blackmail on children and provides advice to parents on how they can support their children before and after any incidents.

Help to recognise domestic abuse

Provides detailed information on the different types of abuse and an interactive quiz to help identify if you may be experiencing abuse. There is also a 24/7 Scottish helpline available.

Send money to someone in prison

Information on how to send money to someone in jail using Visa, Mastercard or Maestro debit card.

Information for people with criminal records

Information on a wide range of issues that criminal records can affect. Includes helpline for confidential advice to overcome the effects of a conviction.

Confidential support for anyone affected by gang involvement

Provides a confidential, specialist helpline for young people, parents and carers affected by gang exploitation, selling drugs and county lines. Online support groups also available.

How to complain about media intrusion

Arbitration service scheme and complaints tool to report publishers.

Support for returning hostages and families affected by kidnap

Provides emotional and practical support to families affected by a loved one held hostage, and to returning hostages. Facilitates access to free specialist services such as legal advice.

Support for adult survivors of burns and scars

Offers rehabilitation and hair restoration services, in consultation with existing health teams, and a survivor support line for more information.

Get help with the cost of prison visits

Online application form to get help with the cost of travel, overnight accommodation, and meals when visiting someone in prison. Eligibility criteria apply.

Support for children affected by parental imprisonment

Individual and group support for children and young people aged five to eighteen years old, as well as parents and carers of children impacted by parental imprisonment.

Support networks for sexual offenders

Circles Providers offer a supportive social network, accountability and practical guidance to people who have committed sexual offences, reducing alienation and the risk of re-offending.

Help to understand your stop and search rights

Liberty helps UK citizens to understand their legal rights in the event of being involved in a police stop and search.

Free advice for UK citizens having issues with purchases made abroad

Legal and practical advice, informs consumers of steps they can take to resolve problems with businesses outside the UK.

Advice and information on investment and pension scams

Provides a helpline offering advice and the opportunity to report a financial scam or unauthorised firm, and a register and warning list to check if financial firms are authorised.

Advice and support for offenders in Northern Ireland

A charity that provides a range of advice and support eg housing and benefits advice, across Northern Ireland to people in prison, their families, people who have been released from prison and adults in the community who have offended.

Support for families of offenders in Scotland

Information, helpline, individual advice and support groups for families of offenders in Scotland.

Intervention and offender support in Scotland

Scottish charity that coordinates local programmes across Scotland to help adults and young people suffering deprivation, at risk of offending, or ex-offenders.

Community justice support in Scotland

Provides a range of local services including mediation of neighbour disputes, outdoor activities for veterans, anti-sectarianism training and support for ex-offenders.

Support for those accused of crime

A charity that provides practical and emotional support to defendants struggling to navigate the criminal justice system, via a website and a helpline.

Free legal advice for civil and family cases

RCJ offers free legal advice to individuals who are either involved or soon to be involved in a court case in the civil or family courts and who are unable to afford regular legal services.

Government guidance on help for victims of crime

Advice on specialist support and compensation for victims of crime. Also includes information on reporting a crime, appearing in court, support after the trial, and local support for victims.

Online self-help for adults who have experienced crime

A range of tools and guides to help victims aged over sixteen manage the impact of mild to moderate crime. The site is designed to meet the specific needs of victims and anyone supporting them.

Support for Muslim families impacted by arrests and raids

Financial, emotional and practical support and advice to Muslim households impacted by counter-terrorism, national security and extremism-related laws, policies and procedures in the UK and abroad.

Support for overseas prisoners and their families

If you or a loved one have been arrested, charged or imprisoned overseas, Prisoners Abroad can provide a range of free support services, advice and advocacy.

Private therapy for sexual offenders and family

Private therapy service for offenders, those fearful of offending and for their partners. Online support for families of offenders is also available.

Free residential workshops for victims of serious crime

Residential workshops, available across different areas of the country, for adults affected by the trauma of a serious crime.

Housing support for lgbtq+ young people

Offers information, advice and support online nationally for lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile or abusive environment.

Advice and support for witnesses in England and Wales

Free practical and emotional support available for witnesses going to court.

Support for young witnesses in Northern Ireland

The Young Witness Service provides advice and support to children and young people attending court as prosecution witnesses before, during and after the trial.