Adoption and fostering podcast

Podcast episodes cover many aspects of adopting and fostering.

Adoption podcast from a birth and an adoptive mother

Hear the story of ‘Two Good Mums’: Laura, the birth mother and Peggy the adoptive mother of two sons.

Sexual and reproductive health advice and free clinics in England

Advice and information about contraception, pregnancy, STIs and sexual wellbeing.

Divorce club community and advice

Support and advice for those going through a divorce with topics including legal, financial, wellbeing and moving on.

Family support services in Northern Ireland

Information on schools, local services and registered childcare providers across Northern Ireland.

Support for kinship carers and their children in Northern Ireland

Provides a range of services for kinship carers and their children including a free helpline and peer support groups.

Relationship advice through pregnancy

Supports people who are expecting a baby and are wondering how their feelings and relationships with their partners will affect their pregnancy.

NHS advice on tiredness and sleep problems during pregnancy

Provides support for people feeling tired and having sleep problems during pregnancy.

Financial help for parents in Scotland

Helps with the cost of being pregnant or looking after children for parents in Scotland. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Sure Start Maternity Grant financial help for expectant parents

The Sure Start Maternity Grant (£500) is provided to expectant parents. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Maternity Allowance financial help for expectant parents

Financial support available to expecting parents. Claims can be made post 26 weeks. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Financial support for student parents under 20

Available for students under the age of 20, the Care to Learn scheme helps with childcare costs while studying for publicly funded courses, e.g., schools and sixth forms.

Common mental difficulties and behaviours in young children

Information and advice about common difficulties a young child may be experiencing, such as anxiety, bereavement, problems sleeping and tantrums.

Money saving tips for parents

Advice for saving money as a parent. Talks about savings, freebies, boosting income and more.

Find mental health support for children

Find local mental health and emotional wellbeing support for children and young people.

NHS advice on healthy eating when pregnant

Offers free advice and information on maintaining a healthy diet throughout pregnancy.

Government learning resources and activities for young children

Videos, resources and ideas for learning activities for children aged 0-5 years.

NHS advice on how to potty train

Highlights the steps of potty training and gives advice on how to potty train, including advice for those with disabilities as well as video guidance.

How to protect a child with a court order

Explains the different court orders currently used to protect children.

Directory of local family planning resources and services

A directory of family planning resources and services within the UK.

How local authorities can help protect children

Explains local authority involvement in child protection issues and how to work with social workers to protect a child at risk.

Free one-to-one parenting advice chat sessions

Provides guidance and support for parents and carers via an online advice hub and scheduled one-to-one live chat sessions with a parenting coach.

Guidance on how to become a foster parent

Provides information and resources about becoming a foster parent as well as a localised network of areas that they recruit carers in.

Guidance on how to become an adoptive parent

Provides information and resources for anyone considering adoption.

Child-friendly bank cards and money education app

An app that teaches kids about money through a pre-paid, parent-controlled card. Features include set spending limits and child spending notifications.

Activities for teaching children about money

Printable activities including storybooks and games, as well as a podcast to teach kids about money. Activities for different age groups between 3-11 years.

App to teach children about money

Offers various features to teach kids about money, from a virtual tracker to a pre-paid card with real money. For ages 4-17.

Get help to buy food and milk

If you are pregnant or have children under four, you may be eligible for the Healthy Start scheme. This provides vouchers for certain foods every month. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

The adoption contact register

Adoptees and birth relatives can add themselves to the Adoption Contact Register if they are over eighteen to find birth parents and children. Guidance on filling in the form is provided.

NHS information on how to become a parent if LGBTQIA+

Information on the various parenting routes available to members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Donor insemination and fertility treatment (LGBTQ+)

Provides information for same-sex female couples planning to conceive a child through artificial insemination.

Support for mothers apart from their children

Support and information for mothers apart from their children for a variety of reasons. A free helpline is provided.

Advice on effective communication with teenagers

Advice on how to communicate with your teenager in a positive way on various issues, including but not limited to: health and well-being; sex and relationships; drugs and alcohol; behaviour.

Information on care orders

Information about what a care order for a child is, what a parent’s rights are and how to appeal against a care order.

Help with childcare costs

A run-through of the government options available for financial childcare assistance, including information on how to apply for and use the childcare schemes.

Self-care advice for carers and people supporting others

Provides information and self-care advice to those who provide unpaid support to someone who is unwell or disabled.

Find a midwife in your area

A searchable directory of independent midwives across the UK.

Support for people on the Autistic Spectrum

Offers different support services for people with autism and their families. Provides helplines, residential services and employment support.

Help paying for approved childcare

Information on what childcare can be part-funded and how to access this.

Family and parenting support in Northern Ireland

Helpline that provides advice, support and guidance to parents, carers and family members.

Advice on children with special educational needs in Northern Ireland

Details what special educational needs (SEN) are, what classroom behaviours are indicative of SEN and how to obtain additional help from schools for your child.

Information on specialists to support SEND children in Northern Ireland

Details the different types of specialists that can support children with special educational needs, how they do that and what accreditation they will have.

Tips on how to potty train at home and in childcare

Provides information and support on potty training at home and childcare settings.

How to encourage your teenager to exercise

Tips on how to get your teenager to exercise and the types of activities they could do.

Advice on finding out you are adopted

Information and support from Childline for those who have found out they are adopted.

How to help your child’s self-esteem

Provides information for parents on how to support their child’s self-esteem. Explains what can be done to help and how to obtain professional help, if necessary.

Your rights if your child is taken into care

An overview of your rights and the procedures, if your child is taken into care.

Child welfare helpline

An independent, confidential advice service for those involved with children’s services or needing their help, available through telephone, textphone, forum and articles.

Government guidance on child adoption

Information and guidance on the rules and processes surrounding child adoption.

Guidance for families on contacting social services

Offers guidance on the support you may expect to receive, if you contact Social Services because you’re unable to cope with the serious challenges brought about by your child.

Find a nursery

Find a nursery near you and read the reviews left by users of those nurseries. Read advice articles related to day nursery and child care.

How to complain about a school

Information on how to complain about a school in England with links to how to complain elsewhere in the UK.

Weaning information, recipes and meal ideas

Provides information and guidance through the weaning journey. Contains helpful videos, tips from other parents, simple and healthy recipes and meal ideas.

Respite breaks and support for carers in Scotland

A site to help unpaid carers find respite opportunities and to find financial support through their Funding directory.

Carer support organsations in Scotland

This page includes a list of carer support organisations in Scotland which are recognised by the Scottish Government as support organisations for unpaid carers.

Training and support for parents of Neurodivergent children

Provides training and support for those caring for Neurodivergent children with conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Dyspraxia, and Dyslexia.

Parenting advice online chat

This charity provides an online chat service on any topic with parents of children from 0 to 19 years with a qualified parenting coach. Online guidance is also available at their website.

Free child education resources for parents

Provides a range of resources to help parents with their children’s learning.

How to search for origins or birth relatives

Adults who have been adopted or in care can access resources, guidance and support to find answers to questions about their origins, such as information on birth relatives.

Mental health advice for women during and after pregnancy

Provides advice and information on mental health before, during, and after pregnancy.