Eviction advice for tenants in Northern Ireland

For tenant’s facing eviction, there is information to help you understand your rights as a tenant and your landlord’s obligations.

Eviction advice for tenants in Scotland

Information for tenants on the steps to take following an eviction notice and if necessary, how to challenge an eviction.

Eviction advice for tenants in Wales

Explains the eviction procedure for the most common types of tenancy and what to do if your landlord doesn’t follow the right procedure, illegally evicts or harasses you.

How to stay in your council home when someone dies

Provides detailed information and advice on how to secure succession and what to do if you cannot take over the tenancy.

Advice on buying a home

Offers detailed information and advice on the steps to take when buying a home including budgeting, how to find a property, conveyancing and home buying schemes.

What to do if affected by a flood in Northern Ireland

Provides detailed information and advice on what to do in the event of flooding in Northern Ireland including how to protect your home, moving belongings, claiming insurance/compensation and getting help.

How to make a social housing complaint

Covers repairs and maintenance, health and safety issues, customer service and other problems. Also includes detail on what to do if you’re not happy with your housing provider’s response.

How to complain about council or housing association repairs

How to complain if your landlord (council or housing association) refuses to make repairs, takes too long, or does poor quality repair work.

Guidance on debt collection in Scotland

Information about action creditors can take against you in Scotland if you are in debt, including guidance on what happens if you are taken to court and how to handle creditors if they harass you.

Information on Sheriff Officer powers in Scotland

Information about Sheriff Officers powers including checking an officer’s identity, officer powers to enter your home or business and eviction. Also include guidance on complaining about a sheriff officer.

Checklist when moving home

Information on the steps that need to be taken when moving home.

How to claim a Discretionary Housing Payment

Explains what a Discretionary Housing Payment is, who is entitled to the payment and how an application can be made to the local council.

Downloadable moving house checklist

Information on what to do when moving home and who needs to be informed of your new address.

Landlord’s responsibilities for repairs

Information and advice illustrating a landlord’s repair responsibilities, including maintaining a safe home to live in.

Connect homeless people with local services

Website that enables the public to connect rough sleepers with local outreach officers so they can access support.

What to do if your landlord fails to do repairs

Provides information and advice for tenants should their landlord refuse to repair the home.

How to manage noisy neighbours in Northern Ireland

Advice on resolving antisocial noise issues whether caused by neighbours or otherwise.

Heating advice for homes in Northern Ireland

Advice from the Northern Ireland government on managing the winter months at home and paying for heating.

Recovering from a fire in Northern Ireland

Advice from the Northern Ireland government on recovering from a domestic fire and what to do after it happens, including how to replace valuable documents and records.

How to apply for social housing in Northern Ireland

Advice on how to apply for social housing in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland living expenses advice

Advice on home living expenses and where to find support in Northern Ireland.

How to complain about housing associations in Northern Ireland

Information on how to complain about your housing association and what the process involves.

How to end your tenancy or rental agreement

Free advice on how to end your tenancy. Provides information about types of tenancy, giving notice to your landlord and the moving out process.

How to end a joint tenancy

Information about checking joint tenancy status, leaving tenancy early and replacement tenants.

Help to find a flat share

Search for a room in a shared house or find a housemate across the UK.

Tips to avoid rental scams

Overview of what a rental scam is and tips to avoid becoming a victim of a scam.

How to resolve neighbour disputes

Provides an outline of the steps to take when resolving a dispute with neighbours. Signposts to services which provide advice and mediation support.

Information on private renter guarantors

Information and advice about guarantors, who might need them and who can be a guarantor.

Find help to rent schemes

Find help to rent schemes aimed at preventing homelessness in your area.

Pest control advice for renters

Provides renters with advice on pest control, who is responsible and how the local authority can help to ensure a pest and vermin-free environment.

Housing support for lgbtq+ young people

Offers information, advice and support online nationally for lgbtq+ young people aged 16-25 in the uk who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile or abusive environment.

How to complain about your letting agent

Provides step by step instructions on how to properly complain about a letting agent.

How to complain about your neighbour

Information and advice on how to resolve neighbour problems or make a formal complaint about a neighbour.

Discrimination in housing support

Information about housing discrimination and signposting actions to take.

Information about carbon monoxide poisoning

Information from the NHS about carbon monoxide poisoning. Lists symptoms, causes, and how to prevent it in your home.

How to rent: a checklist for renting in England

A guide for renting a home privately under an assured shorthold tenancy, either direct from a landlord or through a letting agency.

How to get your deposit back

Find out how to get your deposit back, what you can do if you don’t agree with deductions and what happens if your landlord doesn’t respond.

How to make a council housing complaint

Explains how to make a complaint about your council house.

What to do if evicted illegally

Get help straight away if you’ve been evicted illegally. Contact the police if your landlord threatens violence.

Options to avoid repossession

Find information on options that may be available to avoid repossession of your home.

Eviction of housing/council tenants

Find information and guidance if threatened with eviction by the council or housing association.

Find a local trader

Find a trader or tradesman to assist with repairs.

Financial support for home adaptations

Explains what financial assistance is available, depending on your circumstances and how to find out more.

Antisocial behaviour advice and support

Find advice if your quality of life is badly affected by others in your community. For example, noise, neighbour disputes, harassment and intimidation, vandalism or criminal damage.

Red Cross emergency support

The Red Cross may be able to offer support after emergencies such as fires or floods.

Home fire safety guidance

Guidance about how to make a home safe from fire.

UK cladding action group

UK-wide Action Group for buildings with combustible cladding.

Meals at home

Find information and local schemes for meals on wheels in England and Wales.

Meal services in Scotland

Find information about and eligibility for meal services in Scotland.

Meals at home – Northern Ireland

Find information on eligibility and how to arrange meals on wheels in Northern Ireland.

Find a gardener

Helps you find a local gardener offering a range of services.

How to end a tenancy early

Provides information on how to end a tenancy early. Other information may apply if you are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

Free overnight accommodation for under 25s

Nightstops provide homeless people under 25 with free overnight accommodation in the home of a trained volunteer.

Emergency shelter for abused women

Find refuge through the Women’s Aid directory.

Find a hostel or night shelter

Look for hostels or nightshelters on the Homeless Link site and find out how you can be referred.

Information on applying for emergency housing

Find information and advice on how to apply for and find emergency housing.

Information on council housing

Information on applying for a council home, types of tenancy repairs and maintenance complaints, council housing fraud and how to buy your council home.

The UK’s largest tenant support community

Publishes guides and content that help tenants learn their rights and responsibilities when renting a property. The Tenants’ Voice community can be found on Facebook.

Rate your landlord and letting agent

A website for tenants to rate their landlord and/or letting agent. Also helps you check ratings of places you might rent.

Free helpline if in urgent need of housing advice

Talk to an expert housing adviser if you’re in urgent need of housing advice. You may be at risk of homelessness, harm or feel very overwhelmed about your housing situation.