Find a local debt adviser

Use this tool to find a local debt adviser to offer advice and assistance face-to-face.

Gambling recovery residential courses

Offers residential courses for adults who have problems with gambling. In some cases it can be low cost or free – this will depend on your personal circumstances.

National problem gambling clinic – England and Wales

Free treatment options including psychological support available for problem gamblers living in England and Wales aged 16 or over.

Young People’s Gambling Support Service

Supports anyone aged 18 and under across the UK who is either ‘at risk’ of or experiencing harms because of gambling. Includes structured interventions, calls and self-help tools.

Gamblers Anonymous Scotland 24/7 support

Find a local meeting near you on their website or access support 24/7 via helpline or live chat.

Gambling information, advice and support for young people

Support for young people affected by gambling including online advice, a free 24/7 online chat service and dedicated helpline.

Activities for teaching children about money

Printable activities including storybooks and games, as well as a podcast to teach kids about money. Activities for different age groups between 3-11 years.

App to teach children about money

Offers various features to teach kids about money, from a virtual tracker to a pre-paid card with real money. For ages 4-17.

Get help to buy food and milk

If you are pregnant or have children under four, you may be eligible for the Healthy Start scheme. This provides vouchers for certain foods every month. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Financial help for parents in Scotland

Helps with the cost of being pregnant or looking after children for parents in Scotland. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Sure Start Maternity Grant financial help for expectant parents

The Sure Start Maternity Grant (£500) is provided to expectant parents. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Maternity Allowance financial help for expectant parents

Financial support available to expecting parents. Claims can be made post 26 weeks. Eligibility requirements are on their website.

Financial support for student parents under 20

Available for students under the age of 20, the Care to Learn scheme helps with childcare costs while studying for publicly funded courses, e.g., schools and sixth forms.

Money saving tips for parents

Advice for saving money as a parent. Talks about savings, freebies, boosting income and more.

Child-friendly bank cards and money education app

An app that teaches kids about money through a pre-paid, parent-controlled card. Features include set spending limits and child spending notifications.

Help paying for approved childcare

Information on what childcare can be part-funded and how to access this.

Family mediation provider in Northern Ireland

Resolve family issues, such as your children’s care and splitting property and finance, through open discussion with an accredited mediator.

Illegal money lending support in Northern Ireland

Provides practical support and advice to people struggling with debt and vulnerable to exploitation by paramilitary gangs offering illegal loans.

Guidance on debt collection in Scotland

Information about action creditors can take against you in Scotland if you are in debt, including guidance on what happens if you are taken to court and how to handle creditors if they harass you.

Free online budget planner tool

A tool to help you take control of your spending.

Ways to earn extra money

A guide on different ways to earn extra cash, with practical examples.

Ways to make money as a student

A guide that suggests different ways students could earn more money.

Advice on how to challenge a benefit decision from Age UK

Information on mandatory reconsiderations of benefit decisions and how to appeal a decision.

Advice on how to challenge a benefit decision from Scope

Information on how to appeal a benefit decision, the stages of appeal and the tribunal hearing.

Benefits for injured NHS workers

Supports NHS employees who have suffered a temporary or permanent loss of earnings due to injury or disease attributable to their employment duties.

Benefits if you get ill or disabled at work

Information on the Government’s Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit scheme for the public and how it can be claimed.

Benefits you can claim as a carer

Information on the benefits available to carers and how the benefits can be claimed.

Tax credits explained

Information on working tax credit and child tax credit, eligibility and how to apply.

Heating advice for homes in Northern Ireland

Advice from the Northern Ireland government on managing the winter months at home and paying for heating.

Get help with funeral costs in Northern Ireland

How to apply for a Funeral Expenses Payment to help pay for funeral costs in Northern Ireland.

Get help with funeral costs in England and Wales

How to apply for a Funeral Expenses Payment to help pay for funeral costs in England and Wales.

Get help with funeral costs in Scotland

How to apply for a Funeral Support Payment to help pay for funeral costs in Scotland.

Information on sick pay entitlement

Guidance and advice regarding statutory sick pay, additional employer sick pay, and what to do if sick pay runs out.

Paternity pay entitlements and rights

Information on paternity pay eligibility and rights in the UK. Includes information for adopters and agency workers.

Power of attorney common questions

Information on power of attorney including common questions, how to arrange and what to do if you are having problems with your attorney.

How to complain about bad service for benefits or tax credits

Gives examples of what may constitute viable complaints and signposts to DWP and HMRC complaint procedures. Also distinguishes between asking for correction/explanation and asking for compensation.

Tips for living on a tight budget

Provides tips and steps to follow that help you stay in control when you are on a tight budget.

How to challenge a benefit decision

Explains how to ask for a reconsideration and how to appeal the resulting outcome. The process for Universal Credit and other benefits are included and all emphasise a timeframe for applying.

Turn2Us benefits calculator

Help to calculate entitlement to means-tested benefits and carers allowance.

Information about Universal Credit scams

Provides information about Universal Credit scams; what they may look like, how to avoid them, and who to contact if you have been targeted.

How to spot a loan shark

A guide that explains the illegal activities of loan sharks, how to spot them and what to do.

Loan shark support in England

Offers support for anyone affected by loan sharks in England including anonymous reporting.

Information about redundancy rights

Provides information relating to redundancy including legal rights, redundancy pay, benefits and tax credits, financial tips and planning.

Your rights on energy back billing

Provides information on energy back billing and your rights to not be charged for more than a year of energy bills if you have not been correctly billed.

Financial help for students in Northern Ireland

Offers information and guidance for students with finance and provides links to various funds and bursaries that universities offer.

Tax relief if working from home

You may be able to claim tax relief for additional household costs if you have to work at home on a regular basis. This includes if you have to work from home because of coronavirus.

How to negotiate your salary

Explains the steps to negotiating your salary whether for a new job or in your existing role.

Check if you’re being paid enough

Simple information to check if you are being paid enough by your employer and what to do if you are not.

Bankruptcy advice and information

Advice and information if considering bankruptcy including benefits and risks.

Checking your credit score

Provides guidance on how to check and improve your credit score.

How to set up Power of Attorney

Explains how to set up Power of Attorney, including Power of Attorney costs and how to use and register it.

Financially abusive relationships

Find out more about the signs of and what to do if you are in a financially abusive relationship.

Managing money jointly or separately

Provides information about managing your money together when you’re in a serious relationship. Find out how to plan your joint finances and avoid headaches and arguments over money.

Guidance on making an insurance claim

In this guide, find out what you need to think about when making an insurance claim, and how to make and settle a claim.

Pre-existing conditions insurance information

This website provides information about getting insurance if you have pre-existing medical conditions.

How to choose a financial adviser

Information and guidance on finding and selecting a financial adviser that is right for you.

Problems making insurance claim

Provides information and guidance on what to do if you have problems making an insurance claim.

Guidance on rent arrears

Find help on what to do if you’re struggling to pay rent or facing rent arrears.

How to challenge a rent increase

Find information on how to refuse or challenge a rent increase proposed by your landlord.

Help for homeowners struggling with mortgage repayments

This guide shows you what to do if you are facing mortgage arrears or finding it hard to meet your monthly repayments, including information on what help’s available.