Coronavirus (covid-19)

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Long Covid Kids

Long Covid Kids Facebook Support Group

Long Covid Kids advocacy and support group on Facebook for families with children who are recovering from the Coronavirus infection.

Federation of Small Businesses

COVID-19 guidance for small businesses and the self-employed

Information about financial support, new ways of working, mental health, and what the government’s COVID roadmaps mean for small businesses.


Managing feelings about lockdown easing

Provides guidance about how to best manage feelings you may be experiencing about lockdown easing.


NHS Covid-19 Vaccine Information

Find information about the Covid-19 vaccine and vaccination programme including vaccine advice if you have existing health conditions.

Islamic Portal

Covid-19 Vaccine Lawfulness Advice For Muslims

Provides research and information on vaccine lawfulness for Muslims.


Covid-19 Vaccine Rumours Debunked

Clips that debunk vaccine rumours in five South Asian languages: Urdu, Tamil, Gujarati, Sylheti and Punjabi.

University of Hull

How To Respond To Covid-19 Vaccine Sceptics

Offers guidance on four ways to respond to vaccine sceptics and challenge misinformation.

Anxiety UK

Covid-19 Vaccine Needle Phobia Support

A range of support tools to help you manage or support someone with needle/injection phobia and who is worried about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Anaphylaxis Campaign

Covid-19 Vaccine And Allergies Information

Frequently asked allergy-related questions with answers compiled with assistance of the allergy charity’s clinical panel and members of the British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology.


Pharmacists Dispel Common Covid-19 Vaccine Myths

A multilingual YouTube clip of Boots pharmacists that encourages patients to have faith in the COVID19‚Äč vaccine and to dispel common vaccine myths.

Royal College of Occupational Therapists

Covid-19 fatigue and conserving energy guides

Guides to support people to manage post-viral fatigue and conserve their energy as they recover from COVID-19.


Online hub for those with long-covid

Online hub with free guidance for anyone in the UK living with long-covid. Online rehab may be available via GP referral.

Facebook Group

Long Covid Facebook support group

This group is for people with Long Covid (sometime called long haul covid, post-covid syndrome) or people who are caring for someone with Long Covid.


Social anxiety self-help

Self-help guide for people with mild to moderate symptoms of social anxiety.


Smell and taste loss support

Community forum, resources and FAQs surrounding taste and smell disorders including loss due to Covid.


Easy read guide to coronavirus

This easy read guide explains what the virus is, what the symptoms are, what to do if you think you have it, and how to stop the virus spreading.

Mental Health UK

Managing your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

Find information and tips for managing your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. You may be feeling anxious or stressed during this time and that’s completely normal.


Coronavirus mental wellbeing advice

You might be worried about coronavirus and how it could affect your life. This might feel difficult or stressful but there are lots of things you can try that could help your wellbeing.


Pet care advice if you are ill or self-isolating

Your pets may be impacted if you or any members of your family test positive or self-isolate. There are lots of easy ways to take care of your pets’ needs even if you can’t leave the house…


Eating disorder guidance during coronavirus

Guidance to help you if you have an eating disorder or are supporting someone who does.

Dr Ranj

Dr Ranj’s coronavirus advice for kids

Simple video explaining what the virus is where scientists think it originated from how at risk children are and what they can do to help protect themselves and help fight it.

King's College London

Self-report to help coronavirus researchers

Take 1-minute to self-report daily even if you are well. This helps scientists identify high-risk areas who is most at risk and how fast the virus is spreading.


Shielding advice for vulnerable households and carers

Shielding is for people including children who are at very high risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s also for their family, friends and carers.

UK Government

Latest travel advice

Get advice about travelling abroad including the latest information on coronavirus safety and security entry requirements and travel warnings.

Dogs Trust

Advice for self-isolating dog owners

Dogs Trust is issuing some top tips on how dog owners can keep their dogs happy and active at home if they need to self-isolate due to coronavirus.

NHS Inform

Scotland: helpline for coronavirus information

If you don’t have symptoms and are looking for general information, a free helpline has been set up. The helpline is open everyday 8.00am to 10.00pm.


Coronavirus and your employment rights

Advice for employees including employees that need to take time off to care for someone with coronavirus or concerned about going into the workplace.


Check the latest NHS healthcare advice

See the latest information, advice and guidance relating to Coronavirus. There are also links to the online and phone 111 service if required.

Anxiety UK

Coronavirus anxiety support

Well known UK charity offering a dedicated helpline, online seminars, and online support groups for anyone suffering anxiety at this time.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Information for pregnant women and their families

These Q&As relate to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and pregnancy guidance for healthcare professionals.

World Health Organization

WHO coronavirus information

See the latest information, advice, and guidance from the World Health Organization relating to coronavirus.

British Lung Foundation

Coronavirus advice for those with lung conditions

Here you’ll find British Lung Foundation information about coronavirus and useful links for the latest updates.

UK Government

Stay at home guidance

Stay-at-home guidance for people with confirmed or possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Local communities

Local COVID-19 mutual aid groups

Local community support for vulnerable people during the COVID-19 pandemic.


BSL videos of government COVID-19 advice

SignHealth is committed to making sure coronavirus information is available in British Sign Language.


Printable poster for your front door

Print this poster to let visitors, delivery drivers or others know you are self-isolating.

Dr Michelle Dickinson aka Nanogirl

Video explaining coronavirus to kids

Video includes importance of washing hands.

No Panic

Break the chains of anxiety disorders

Helps people suffering with panic attacks, phobias obsessive compulsive disorders, and other related anxiety disorders including those trying to give up tranquillizers.


Mental wellbeing audio guides

Provides short audio guides on a variety of mental wellbeing issues to offer practical advice and help boost mood.

Young Minds

Support for young people’s mental health

Provides mental health support for young people.

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