My Pickle joins the campaign to stamp out health inequalities

My Pickle joins the campaign to stamp out health inequalities

Not-for-profit support organisation My Pickle CIC has joined forces with the Inequalities in Health Alliance to push for urgent action to reduce health inequalities.

Raising awareness of support and breaking down accessibility and affordability barriers are close to the beating heart of My Pickle, which is why it has become a member of the coalition alongside more than 130 other organisations.

Membership of the Inequalities in Health Alliance is open to any not-for-profit organisation with an interest in reducing health inequality, and it aims to lobby the government to ensure the needs of vulnerable people are considered in every decision.

My Pickle Founder and CEO, Cat Divers, said: “Health inequalities are avoidable, and their existence is immoral. They require urgent action. 

“There are major differences in life expectancies of different socio-economic groups across the UK. Even within the same town there can be more than 10 years difference.

“These inequalities are not genetic and are influenced by many aspects of someone’s life, such as their education, housing, and work conditions.

The interrelation of all these factors is why My Pickle is so vast because many of these topics are linked, for example debt and mental health.

“It is vital that those in need can find support fast to avoid further knock-on effects in their own lives and to the lives of those around them.

“We believe no-one should struggle alone and are proud to join this coalition campaigning for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities.”

The pandemic has exposed and amplified underlying inequalities in our society, including in health.

As a member of the Inequalities in Health Alliance we’re calling for a cross government strategy to urgently address this. Find out more about the Inequalities in Health Alliance here.

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