People with facemasks

New support for Long-covid sufferers

New support for Long-covid sufferers

People with facemasks

As the UK begins the roadmap out of lockdown, there are still many concerns about Covid-19 and its long-term effects. The Office for National Statistics recently reported that over a million Brits are living with the effects of Long Covid. Covid is typically classified as Long Covid when the symptoms continue for more than 12 weeks. Symptoms typically include a high temperature, fatigue, a cough, shortness of breath and trouble concentrating, although symptoms seem to vary from person to person.

Data from the COVID Symptom Study app found that older people, women and those who have had over five symptoms in the first week of having Covid were more likely to develop Long Covid. They also found that approximately 10% of 18 to 48year-olds with Covid developed Long Covid, increasing to 22% of over 70s. Currently, there is no clear treatment for Long Covid, although a study by scientists in Bristol has shown that some sufferers of Long Covid saw a ‘small improvement’ after taking the vaccine.

By the end of April, over 80 new clinics will be opened by the NHS, to assess patients with Long Covid symptoms. As Long Covid is becoming more prevalent in the news it’s more important than ever that people have somewhere they can go to find trusted information and the resources they need.

Finding help at My Pickle

One of the resources listed on is the Long Covid Facebook Support Group.  This page has created a supportive community for those suffering with Long Covid, or those who may be caring for loved ones with the illness.

They also provide a website packed with useful resources – – including stories from sufferers of Long Covid.

One of those stories is from Karen Currey, 50, from Doncaster. Before contracting Long Covid, Karen had no underlying health conditions and was exceptionally fit, often running 15-20k a week and doing weekly HIIT classes. In fact, she said she had not taken a sick day from work for four years.

Since contracting Covid in March, Karen has experienced fatigue, chest pains, debilitating aches and pains and an irregular heart rate, often leaving her unable to leave the house. The lack of knowledge into Long Covid has left her feeling hopeless and apprehensive. Karen has found support through the Long Covid Facebook page, where she has been able to share her experiences with others in the same position.

Experiencing these effects for an extended period can create anxiety around the change in lifestyle, with lots of people anxious about whether they will be able to return to work or even enjoy hobbies such as running again.

My Pickle Founder and CEO, Cat Divers, said: “Covid-19 has devastated many lives across the UK in many ways. At a time when local support options are limited, more people are going online to look for support, we can help. 

Whether it’s Covid-related concerns such as Long Covid, vaccine anxieties or something else like mental health or money problems, we have lots of vetted support options and sources of information for people. At our free website, we cut through the noise and make it easy to find help fast.”

Find Covid-related resources here at and get in touch if you spot any missing.

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